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Wednesday night at my dance class, one of the girls in my class told me that her teacher ( AKA MY MOM ) was having a Halloween party the next day and my mom never told me. #rude The little girl asked me to go and told me to be a princess. Or Maleficient ( because she was being Mal AKA Maleficient’s daughter ). I went home right after dance and Googled Malificient and realized that was waayyyyy too complicated of a costume to make for the party that was happening in less than 16 hours. Google it if you don’t know who she is. INTENSE costume that would be and def not possible in about 4 hours. <<<< how much time I would have the next day to make a costume before the party. #impossible

So next I went on Pinterest, my BFF duh, and found a super easy set of step-by-step instructions to make a no-sew ( BLESSING ) tutu. And then I decided at 10:30 pm the night before the party that I was going to be a fairy princess. I already had wings and a flower crown is the easiest DIY ever. So all I needed to do was buy the tulle and get tying. I woke up ( bright & early ) on Thursday morning and was determined to have a good day. I was tired of having shitty days and of course, I woke up sick. I forced myself out of bed and got shopping. I DIY’d this costume and had so much fun with my mom’s kiddos.

I meant to post this last night but to be completely honest, when I got home at 9pm after working all evening, I had no motivation to write ANYTHING AT ALL let alone take pics, edit them and write a DIY post. I got home at approximately 9:30 pm and was in bed at approximately 10:02 pm and passed out ( thanks to cold&flu meds and melatonin ) at approximately 10:06 pm. #grandmastyle I woke up today feeling refreshed and excited so here’s this post, better late than never. It’s super quick and easy so it is definitely still possible for Halloween this year!

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What you’ll need ( skirt ):
– the same number of metres of 2 or more different coloured tulle ( I have a size 4-6 waist and used 4 metres of purple tulle and 4 metres of white tulle and had hardly any left of each ) <<< the more tulle, the fuller the skirt
– ribbon or elastic
– flowers ( optional )

What you’ll need ( crown ):
– string
– flowers
OR: I used a flower garland from the dollar store ( Michael’s and Walmart carry these too! )

– hot glue
– scissors
– bobby pins


For the skirt, I had a ribbon ( that I literally took out of my mom’s Christmas wrapping box ) and I measured how long I would need around my waist. I then took 3-4 inch strips of tulle and tied them on. I didn’t measure the width of the tulle because I honestly don’t think it makes much of a difference. I didn’t even cut straight ( LOL worst/laziest DIY’er ever ). Just make them somewhat of a similar width and semi straight. I folded the strips of tulle in half and pulled the ends through the hole and secured on the ribbon and then alternated colours. I didn’t pull them extremely tight because the skirt doesn’t poof up as nicely if you do a looser knot. Then you repeat this approximately 1278 more times to cover your whole skirt. Tie it around your waist, I love it kind of higher up on my waist! And you’re done!

The skirt took me about 45 minutes and this included me being reallyyyyyy distracted by Drugs INC. ( OMG obsessed with this show, it’s so freakin’ good ) and making a green juice. Honestly, simplest DIY ever. I usually suck at DIY’s but I got so many compliments on this – and they weren’t just from the 5 year olds who thought I had a “pretty princess” skirt on. These were from random people. Including the janitor at my work tonight who hates everyone and seriously lacks personality/never says anything nice.

For an added touch, I took 2 strands of flower garland I bought at the dollar store and literally just wrapped them around my waist. I tucked them in to the top of the skirt and that was that. No glue, no sewing, noooothing. Easy peasy.

>>>>> the DIY tutorial I looked at used elastic for the waist band. Just measure it around your waist and sew it, making it half an inch to 1 inch shorter than your waist AKA if your waist is 17 inches, use 16 inches of elastic… ( I suck at explaining DIY’s, sorry ). I avoided this because I don’t do sewing. Tying a ribbon seemed way easier and it was cute with the bow in the back! Don’t judge how lazy I am.


The flower crown is serioulsy just another flower garland that I wrapped 3 times around my head and secured on with 11 bobby pins. So easy. I did it myself for the party yesterday ( I had my hair in a low curled bun ), but tonight I had my mom’s help just because I wore my hair down & curly and it was harder to stick the bobby pins in it.

To make your own flower crown a DIY tutorial I found used a ribbon and fake flowers. You cut the flowers off of the stems and place them on the ribbon, then hot glue them on. You just tie around your head ( secure with bobby pins too ) and that’s it! <<< you can also find cheap flower crowns at Forever 21, Target, etc. if you’re not feeling the DIY method.

As an added bonus for the little kids, I made a wand. Weellllll, I attempted to I guess. It’s so bad haha, I tied some extra tulle on the end of a stick that I broke off a princess balloon from the dollar store. I stuck a flower on it with staples because I hate hot glue and that was that.

& GUYS I picked purple tulle because I knew I had purple fairy wings at home and do you think I could find those suckers?! I refused to buy new wings because I’m never gonna wear them again and I KNEW as soon as I bought them I’d find mine and that would be a waste. So I went wingless. #boo


I’m the least crafty person ever and this was so easy! I had it all finished in under an hour. I asked forced my brother to snap these pics for me tonight as I headed out to work. We had a Halloween party at the rec centre I work at for the youth. I paired it with a white body suit and wore white lace shorts underneath to be appropriate for the kids ( DUH ) and then wore my gold flats! I had on MAC’s lipstick in “Pretty Please” and had on a couple of NYX’s purple shaded eyeshadows.

I’m LOVING this tutu and will definitely be wearing it again next year for some Halloween event! Tomorrow night I’m heading to a party and I’m so excited for that costume too!! I’ll be sure to post about it. It’s also SUPER easy and the pieces can be worn again & again, even in everday life. <<<< my fav way to do Halloween : re-wearable and practical for everyday life too.

Happy Halloweeeennn!! Eat lots of treats!

xx julieann



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