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Happy Blogmas Day 2! I am getting quite excited planning out my posts for the upcoming month. I may or may not be working on posts for January already too eeekkkk so excited! But I’m trying not to get ahead of myself, and take it one day at a time…

Last night Daniel and I decided ( OK I told him ) that we were going to go for a little breakfast date because over the last few weeks, between being sick, working 24/7 and final tests & papers, we’ve barely seen each other! I knew today that I had to finish my last two papers, but that I wasn’t going to start on them right away as soon as I woke up… and you’ve gotta eat to be productive right…

So we went for breakfast!

It was delicious and I am definitely in a bacon and sausage coma right now. But it was so worth it.

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A lot of people don’t like winter styles and think you can’t look as cute as you do in the spring and summer, which unfortunately, is pretty true because you can’t just dress to look good, you have to be practical AKA wear clothing that keeps you warm.

I get really annoyed when I wear a cute new shirt or sweater but end up having to put a coat on overtop and it just sorta ruins the outfit.

This year, I’ve made it a point to pick up some cuter warm pieces, like cable knit sweaters and even some new cute coats so that I can still look fashionable, but be warm and practical at the same time.

It’s raining and gross out today. It’s just the sort of day that makes you want to curl up on your couch and sleep, so that is pretty much what I did for the afternoon. But I looked cute in the morning to go out for breakfast!

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I get quite excited when I get to wear my Hunter rain boots ( although the excitement does wear off quite quickly, once the snow and rain becomes a permanent, every day thing! ) and I think that mittens and scarves are the cutest, cozy accessories.

Exact links aren’t available for my outfit, but I have included links to the stores that I bought them from. Each store has such cute things available and I’m definitely regretting not making Cyber Monday purchases. I’m off to make finishing touches on my final papers and curl up and watch Elf for the 80th time.

XO julieann

[  jacket, jeggings & sweater ]


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