reflecting on 2016

This year has been one of those years that just kind of went by too quick, but couldn’t end fast enough… all at the same time. There were so many times where I wished time would just stop so that I could live the moment forever, but there were also so many times that I just wanted the day to end in that very moment.

There’s really been nothing spectacular about this year, yet the not-so great things haven’t really been that bad… they’ve just been continuous and it’s getting old. Real fast.

It has been a blah 362 days and I’m ready for 365 fresh new ones.

There are so many memes and things all over the internet alluding to the fact that 2016 just needs to end and 2017 needs to be here, like yesterday. Can I get an amen?

This year has just been a rough year all across the globe.

We’re all feeling it.

We’re all in desperate need for 2017 and the happiness that lies in the coming days.

I have such mixed feelings about 2016.

It has been a year that I grew a lot, experienced a lot and changed even more. There are things that have happened that will impact the rest of my life.

There have been challenging days, overwhelming obstacles, scary changes and life-altering decisions.

It’s a year that I will continue to reflect on for a while and I feel as though I am in need of a serious journalling session ASAP.

I’m thankful for the challenges and obstacles that I’ve faced because they’ve allowed me to grow. I’m grateful for the changes that have occurred and decisions that I’ve made because they’ve continued to shape me into who I am today.

This year I allowed myself to feel.

I felt happy. I felt sad. I felt anxious, mad, emotional, excited, overwhelmed and everything else in between.

And I accepted it.

I accepted emotions this year and I allowed my mind and body to feel them.

I took the happiness and I ran with it. I smiled, and I laughed. I told my loved ones that I loved them and I meant it. I soaked up every moment I had with my family and friends, and I enjoyed every single second that I had.

I took the sadness and I allowed myself to feel it and to deal with it. I learned, this year, that bottling up sadness and trying to not feel it doesn’t do you any good. I talked about my sadness and I was able to start to cope with it. I accepted my loss, I allowed myself to grieve and I have used that sadness to become stronger.

The anxiety that I felt was overwhelming, mind-numbing and I almost allowed it to control me once or twice, but I have found ways to cope. I have used this year, taken the challenges and changes, felt the anxiety and worked extremely hard, to continuously come out on top.

I felt angry and I felt excited. I was overwhelmed with the amount of changes that occurred this year but I accepted them and I tackled them head-on.

This year has been full of ups and downs, new adventures, lots of experiences and challenges.

– I started a job that I absolutely love and look forward to going to every time I work ( which has never happened before ). When I first told my parents I had a new job, my dad replied “oh yay, another job for princess Julieann to hate” and to this day, almost a full year later, I have never said I hated going to work. Is this what growing up feels like?

– I left the school where I felt at home and went back to a school that I absolutely despise. I work each and every day to remind myself that this is a means to an end & in 16 very short months it will be all over with and I will never have to step foot in that school ever ever again.

– I raised hell at a job that I’ve been working at for far too long to be treated how I was and there have been some changes made. I kind of just stick to doing what I know is right, and have distanced myself from a lot of the extra stuff that goes on there and I’m dealing with it.

– My grandfather sold the house that he and my grandmother had lived in for 40+ years. I don’t think he’s stopped smiling yet because he’s so relieved to have the house sold and is happily living in his new apartment, but we’re all missing the little green house that we grew up in.

– One of my best friends moved halfway across the country, and another moved home from living a province away. I became closer with the friend that moved home, but I’m really missing the friend who moved away.

– My passion for blogging never wavered… I just feel as though there were so many things that I had dreamt up for The Intimate Brunette this year and it was hard to make those dreams become reality. I am really working on making time for TIB and to still keep up with all other aspects of my life, as well.

– I visited Cuba for the third time and I fell in love all over again. I really do feel as though traveling is one of those things that really set your soul on fire and allow you to see the world in a different way. It allows you to grow your relationship with the people that you travel with and you can experience different ways of living for a short period of time.

– My family went to the beach house for a week this summer and I was so blessed to spend this time with my family in the place where I feel most at ease.

So here it is – day 362 of 365 in the year 2016.

I am reflecting a bit, reminiscing a bit and realizing a lot.

I have a whole ton of journaling to do. I am feeling extremely reflective and I need to dig deeper.

I am entering 2017 with an open-mind, a happy heart and enough determination to make this year the year.

I am also entering this new year with a ton of visions, dreams and goals that I am so ready to crush. I’m feeling so recharged, refreshed and inspired to totally kill it this year. I am so incredibly grateful for all that 2016 allowed me to feel and to experience.

How was your 2016? Are you so ready for 2017? What goals do you have for the new year?

x JE


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