reminiscing christmas nights| blogmas day 16

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Tonight I am reminiscing the one night of my life that I will never fully remember.

The night that we waited outside in rain / snow / freezing rain / freezing temperatures to get in to a club.

The night that we some random girl from line paid a bouncer $70 plus cover to let us in.

The night that we skipped coat check and put our coats in the bathroom ceiling. <<<< smart.

The night we waited 10 minutes to go upstairs in a club.

The night we didn’t pay for 1 single drink but had wayyyyy more than we needed.

The night we got kicked out into the pouring rain.

The ONLY night we’ve ever gotten kicked out of a club.

The night we got kicked out because someone decided they could mouth off to a bouncer and get away with it. <<<<<< HA.

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Throwback to the messiest December night, a night I will continue to laugh about for probably ever.

Wishing I wasn’t so busy so I could repeat this night again tonight. <<<< a night in a club with all cover and drink $$ going to a children’s charity is my kind of night.

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xx j

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