edited103I’m Julieann. I’m a lifestyle blogger, living in Canada. I’ve always had a love for writing. When I was in elementary school I remember having to write a paragraph for homework. Three paragraphs later and I didn’t have the friends off of the island yet, so I kept going. My grandmother had a good laugh at me because I wouldn’t stop writing and it only was supposed to be a “short paragraph”. I’ve had my fair share of Blogger sites over the years, and I was also a Piczo genius – I swear I made a new Piczo site every weekend just because I would get bored and want to be creative and write. I even had a few unused Piczo sites just because I couldn’t stop designing them. Web design has always been fun for me.

During my time at university, I always found myself reading everything from family blogs and foodie blogs to lifestyle and fashion blogs and obsessing over trying to perfect my own blog on Blogger ( we all know how well that turns out… ). So I finally caved and my Visa may hate me, but I love my little corner of the internet. Seriously. Obsessed people. This is going to be fun and I am so so excited to be on this wild ride with you!

edited108 My blog will focus mainly on things that are of importance to me in my life – including but def not limited to fashion, beauty, fitness, decor, travel  and health. I’m all about sharing my tips and tricks and I also love DIY projects whether that’s something for an outfit, my room or a health trick. But don’t worry, I’m never going to limit myself – as ‘they’ always say: reach for the stars and you’ll do big things.

Overall, I would say that I am a pretty complex girl. I have a degree from SMU in Criminology and Sociology ( basically only took this in school because of my Criminal Minds obsession, but that’s a whole other story ). I’m currently in a few additional english courses at school so I can go on and obtain my teaching degree. I’ve always told people that I don’t want to teach ( but I think it’s in my blood. My mom, aunt and grandma are/were the best teachers. I’m not even just saying this people, they are highly loved by kids, parents, co-workers, etc! ). I hope to get in to guidance counselling because helping people and talking to people is seriously my god given talent. I can talk your ear off and I swear I have heard about more boyfriend drama in the last 5 years than most people hear in their lifetime but I don’t even hate it. If I could live on the beach, I would.


lemon water, tequila shots ( 7 please, hold the lemon ), being organized, home decor, motivated people, the beach, avocados, Gossip Girl, day planners, poloroid photographs ( I mean, so cute ), Boston Red Sox, Cuba, beach house trips ( and my family! ), coconut oil, brussel sprouts and kale ( green food for the win ), crystals, photo walls, floppy hats, sunrises, pugs, smoothies ( and juices ).

writing papers, body builders ( sorry but no thx ), bright colours, country music, staying up late, loud music, gluten, pop ( soda, ew ), rainy weather, fish, unsupportive people, screamo rock, denim on denim ( but I still wanna try it ), narcissistic individuals, smacking gum, farm smells, wide leg jeans ( why is this ‘fashion’ trend back, spoiler alert: not cute fashion ).