25 facts

1. I have never been able to wear eyeliner. I’ve tried to wear pencil liner, liquid liner, pen-style liners… I just can’t do it. I hate having anything around or in my eyes aka why I don’t wear contacts.

2. When things are hand-written, I feel like I’ve accomplished so much more. I like typing things up but only after I have it hand-written. I also feel like I am more productive when I write things out as opposed to typing them out. When I’m on my computer I get super distracted and don’t focus on what I’m supposed to be doing.

3. I’ve danced since I was little. I did ballet for a few quick years and then I did jazz and tap for the majority of my life. I now teach hip-hop and ballet to kids at a rec centre and I love it.

4. I have already drawn up a floor-plan for my house and someday I will build my dream home. The rooms are sized appropriately and I really like the layout of it. I can’t wait to be able to build it.

5. Being without my iPhone gives me anxiety. The fact that being without my iPhone gives me anxiety, gives me even more anxiety because whyyyy am I so addicted to it?

6. Don’t even get me started on a dead iPhone. I have charges everywhere. Car, purse, a charging case in my glove box, by the couch, attached to my computer and in my bedroom. #deadphonesgivemeanxiety

7. Reality TV is my guilty pleasure. I still re-watch Laguna Beach and The Hills. I love love love KUWTK and Catfish: The TV Show, any show on A&E… I love it all.

8. I was an only child for the first 7 years of my life and let me tell ya, it was hard to become someone who had a sibling but now I love my little bro and I don’t want to send him back anymore ( haha! ).

9. Give me 6 shot of tequila over 2 mixed drinks. Mixed drinks have waaayyy too much sugar. I’m def a shot girl, esp tekillya!

10. In May 2015, I graduated with my undergrad degree – a BA, double majored in criminology and sociology… if I’m being honest, I hate what I went to school for and only picked criminology beacuse of my love of crime shows ( for real, just because of Criminal Minds aka Derek Morgan… sorry mom, truth comes out ). 

11. I’m so bad at wearing jewlery, but I adore it! I am trying to make a conscious habit about putting on at least 2 pieces of jewelry before I leave my house each day. I also often forget to put on perfume ( am I even a girl, like let’s be real ).

12. I wash my hair every. single. night. and it sucks. I wish I could be one of those girls that literally wash their hair like once a week ( like my mom, I swear she only washes it weekly because like she’s expected to… she doesn’t even need to ). My hair is a total greaseball after one day, sometimes it doesn’t even last 24 hours. Send help and tips + tricks immediately!

13. Using pencils is seriously a huge pet peeve. I cannot do it. I love my erasable pens though!

14. My relationship with haircuts is a love/hate thing. I love how fresh and healthy my hair feels but I also end up hating how short it is. What I hate even more is when people say “it’s not even short!”, like is it your hair?

15. Coffee = no bueno.

16. Chick-flicks and romcoms… I could watch them all the freakin time.

17. I get distracted so easily. It took me 2 days to complete this one page ( not even joking haha ). When I’m watching tv, it can easily take me 2 hours to watch a 1 hour show ( which is really only 40 minutes without commercials – I mean who watches commercials anymore, can I get an “amen” for DVR’s ).

18. Driving around is my favourite thing to do. Long-drives are my jam. I drove the whole 12.5 hour trip from Boston to my house without stopping ( except for food and gas ) and didn’t even hate it. If I’m a passenger in a car, I will be asleep in approximately 30 seconds. I even fall asleep on the way to the grocery store with my mom sometimes, oops. Bad passenger for drives. #sorrynotsorry

19. Falling asleep ( and waking up ) to the sound of crashing waves is so relaxing! My favourite nights are the ones spent at the beach house every summer because I leave the window wide open and just listen to the waves all night.

20. The most important thing to invest in ( fashion wise ) in my opinion are shoes. Take care of those feet, girl! And beauty wise, I say face products! Also remember, just because it works for someone doesn’t mean it will work for you. Listen to what your face needs and show it love!

21. I love mascara. If I don’t put on any other makeup, I’m almost always wearing mascara.

22. My outfits change at least 2 times a day… for no reason. I just ( almost ) never wear the same thing all day. I don’t mean that I just change out of an outfit when I get home in to comfy clothes. I mean like I actually wear different outfits when I go out to different places in the same day. I really don’t know why.

23. Cookies are my biggest weakness. I could eat them all day ( bad, I know ), I just love them.

24. On my bed I never have less than 2 blankets. In the winter, I usually have up to 6 or 7. I hate being cold at night. It sucks for people who sleep with me, because it gets so warm, but I find it so cozy. I love waking up to a chilly room but being nice and warm under a mound of blankets.

25. I love flying, but I esp love it when I’m by myself. I find it so relaxing. It’s at least 2 hours to just sit and listen to music, read or nap. It’s definitely good “me time”.