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september26-79 september26-80 september26-81 september26-82 september26-83 september26-84 september26-85 september26-86 september26-87 september26-88 september26-89Shirt: Dynamite | Jeans: Hollister | Belt: Forever 21 | Booties: Forever 21 | Choker: Forever 21 | Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs c/o Marshalls

Hi hi… Happy Saturday!

This morning I woke up, got caught up on Chicago Med and then we packed up the car & headed down to the beach villas for a nice Thanksgiving weekend getaway…

It is seriously heaven down here.

Writing a blog post and listening to the crashing waves is my kind of heaven. Even though I have to do a TON of homework this weekend, I am so thankful that I get to do it down here.

The sense of calmness and peace that I have while I’m on the south shore is unreal.

I’ve posted about my love for off-the-shoulder tops before and I will continue to do so for blog posts to come. They’re seriously just SO cute and on trend. I can’t stop.

This one I picked up in the end of summer sales and it was only a few dollars which is unreal because it’s the perfect colour, the comfiest material and delicately detailed. I love it. One day when I wore this shirt to my grandfather’s for dinner, he told me that my shirt was ‘so pretty’ so I mean, if an older man who doesn’t really care about fashion & style tells you that you look good, you betcha you do… The last two times he’s said he’s liked my outfit to me, I’ve been wearing off-the-shoulder tops, just sayin’… grandpa and I have the same sense of fashion.

I’ve mentioned this belt before and I am still equally as obsessed with it as I was back in the original post ( also – extremely similar outfit… can you tell that when I like a certain style, I run with it?! ). Black jeans are such a closet staple, and I cannot stop wearing chokers. I recently was in F21 and saw that they had two full racks of just chokers and I went a little nuts… what can I say? 90’s girl at heart.

julieann xx


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