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dec8 13

As a little follow-up to yesterday’s post, I thought it would be fun to write about some goals that I have for my future. I’m not talking about goals for 10 years in the future, or even for the next 5 years.

I am talking about goals that I want to attain really soon. Something that is reachable in a short period of time and something that I have to work towards a little bit each and every day.

I know people think it is important to have goals for your long term future, but honestly I’m not ready to think about those. I really don’t think that this is necessarily super important to do.

Obviously you always have to have the future in mind, but I like to set goals for shorter periods of time because then I can feel successful when I reach them and even more motivated to set more goals for myself. Every goal that I set, every thing I work towards, ultimately will shape my long term future, I just prefer to do it like this.

I like to have goals reached and completed quickly. It makes me work harder and just do it.

Right now, I have a list of things that I want to do before the New Year, or just after 2016 starts. I like to keep things THIS close and set deadlines for myself that are only a few weeks long. I find that if I set deadlines too far away, I end up leaving things to the last minute anyway and become super overwhelmed.

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1. Post on my blog regularly following Blogmas
2. Secure 2 academic references for school applications before January 10
3. Open an RSP account by the New Year
4. Make an appt to get new dang glasses
5. Have all presents bought and wrapped by Dec 20
6. Start planning and taking pictures for year end / 2016 blog posts
7. Continue going to sleep on time
8. Eat gluten free ( as well as I can over the holidays )
9. Start planning trips for 2016
10. Work on videos

So as you can see, I like to really keep it simple. Almost everything that I want to do, does impact my future in 5-10 years though. I like to set goals that are attainable.

It’s so important to NOT set yourself up for failure.

It’s also so important to not get down on yourself if you don’t reach goals ( so what? Keep them on your list and set a new deadline ).

And most importantly, I believe that it is important to reward yourself and acknowledge the work that you’ve done. I’m not saying go out a buy yourself a present or something like that, but give yourself a pat on the back. Be proud. Tell others about your successes, even if it’s just your mom that you tell that you found 2 academic references ( she’ll be happy, promise ).

I feel as though I’ve set year-end resolutions. Usually I set goals for myself to complete each month, but honestly at the beginning of December I was exhausted and sick, and really just didn’t care. I am determined to make the end of December successful and achieve these goals.

xx, j

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