snowy lazy days

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Boxing Day was a super jampacked day, filled with Canada vs USA WJC hockey game, dinner at Daniel’s grandparents ( hello ham coma ) and a party that went on way too late for me ( AKA 3 am, holy shit ). I mean it was okay though, because there were tons of cute babies there… babies > sleep haha.

The next day my mom woke me up by calling me and texting me AND DANIEL about a million times so that I would wake up and drive home before the snow started.

I made it.

But then it snowed and snowed, and then it snowed some more. It was reeeally pretty though. And fluffy and not icey, so I didn’t mind.

I went to pick up Daniel later in the evening, after the snow was cleared. We ate Chinese food, watched Sports Centre’s 2015 countdowns and then watched like 3 episodes of Fear the Walking Dead and passed out under a ton of blankets. Ideal snow day if I do say so myself.

Today my brother played in 2 basketball games and lost both… ( BUT he got player of the game! #proudsister, and also didn’t foul out… #unproudsister haha just kidding… kind of… ) and Daniel and I watched the Canada vs Denmark WJC game with my mama.

I also dragged Daniel out in -11 weather to take some pretty pictures of the snowy lake!

I am so loving winter. I’m not loving that my hands are falling off while I write this and the fact that my room is an ice box, but I will survive. I’m layering on the socks and blankets tonight!

More snow is on the way tomorrow and Wednesday, then rain on Thursday BOO.

I’m off to sleep, then wake up refreshed & ready to start working on my end of 2015 / beginning of 2016 blog posts! I just really wanted to share these photos, I couldn’t wait. Nature is just SO pretty! What’s the weather like where you are?

chat soon, j xx

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