so i started BBG… | week 1

OMG hi.

Currently dying – as in: arms are shaking, legs are vibrating, heart rate is UP and I’m chugging back a green smoothie with protein and downing all of the water because I just completed week 2, day 1 of Kayla Itsines’ BBG…

I started last week on week 1 and I’m addicted to this workout plan. I mean seriously, truly, absolutely 100% hooked on it.

A while ago, I used to use Tone It Up’s workouts and don’t get me wrong – I still love them! Karena and Katrina are such uplifting spirits, their workouts are challenging and fun, but I just felt like I needed a change.

I’ve been in a workout rut for a whiiiiile, like way too long. I recently became totally invested in living a more healthy and active lifestyle, when I came across SO many bloggers talking about and people tweeting about BBG.

I’ve heard of it before, but I had never really looked into it, until last week.

& dang! Am I ever glad I did.

the low-down:

I seriously LOVE how this program is laid out. It’s totally realistic, can actually be incorporated into busy lifestyles and actually makes you break a sweat / feel like you did something good for your body.

I feel so overwhelmed when people say that they spend hours in the gym a day. I like my workouts to be challenging and get my heart rate up, but I also prefer them to be quick and not too time-consuming.

> You workout for 28 minutes, 3 times a week ( Friday AKA the third day is optional ).

> You complete 35-45 minutes of Low Intensity Steady State cardio ( or High Intensity Interval Training cardio can be incorporated in once you’re further along in the program! ), 2 times a week.

> Working out on weekends is OPTIONAL ( which is so key if you have busy weekends always /// my life ).

> Resting on Sunday is totally what is recommended… this is my favourite part of the plan, if I’m being totally honest.

> There’s limited equipment needed, so these workouts are super easy to do at home AKA you don’t need a gym with a ton of equipment. I’ve looked ahead a few weeks and some of the equipment necessary for this program are dumbbells, a yoga mat ( if you like! ), a small ball, skipping rope and a bench.

> The program is about $30 / month Canadian, but you can find some of the workouts online through Kayla Itsines’ socials ( and other places, like blog reviews ) and improvise a bit for the other days if you don’t feel like / can’t afford to dish out the money each month.

sweat it out:

So your workouts are totally laid out for you… completely decided for you, for every single day, each and every week.

I like this.

I hate trying to figure out what I should do each day. If I have to decide what muscle group I should work on each day, I am never going to pick abs ( honest truth ) because that is the most painful and excruciating muscle group for me to work out. Give me leg day ANY day of the week. <<< but this won’t get me anywhere.

Because BBG is laid out totally for me, I feel more responsible to complete the ab workouts even though they may end up being the cause of my death – kidding, but not.

Anyway, it’s split into two categories – resistance training and cardio. You never have to do both of these on the same day, which I actually LOVE.

Some other workout programs that I have tried encourage you to do both resistance training and cardio each day, but like I said – I like my workouts to be quick and challenging & completing both each day is not a quick task.

Monday / Wednesday / Friday are designed to be your resistance training days, while Tuesday / Thursday and Saturday ( if you choose! ) are your cardio days.

> Monday: Legs.

> Tuesday: LISS ( or HIIT once you are farther along ).

> Wednesday: Arms & Abs.

> Thursday: LISS ( or HIIT once you are farther along ).

> Friday: Full Body ( optional ).

> Saturday: LISS ( optional ).

> Sunday: Rest.

week 1 recap:


Literally 100% so into this workout program.

I like how quick it is, how it is laid out, how it makes me feel, and I am seriously looking forward to crushing the rest of these ~10 weeks.

After my initial workout last Monday, I was SO sore. Like I could barely walk for the rest of the night. When I went to sleep, I actually had to take a Tylenol before I went to bed because no matter how much I stretched and foam-rolled, my muscles just ached. It was a good ache though, so I’m not complaining about it.

I’m just THAT out of shape right now.

I’ve read a few reviews of BBG online and a lot of people have said that they didn’t start seeing results until weeks 6 / 8, so I’m not expecting to see any drastic changes for the next few weeks but I am determined to not give up.

Throughout the week, I was still sore but it was a good kind of sore. I thrive off of feeling as though I’ve actually worked my body. If I don’t feel like I’ve done something or see results semi quickly ( a few months! ) I am quick to give up.

It is SUPER intense to jump into this program from not working out at all, but I was determined to start it right out & not begin with the pre-program weeks. There are a few weeks that you can find that you are suggested for people who haven’t been working out regularly to complete before jumping into week 1, but I didn’t want to put it off any longer.

++ I don’t have anything negative to say about BBG, except that I wish it didn’t cost $30 / month. That’s kind of frustrating, but it is to be expected when it comes to a workout program that you can actually see results from.

There is also a diet guide that is available, but I chose not to follow it. I know what my body needs / likes and as long as I stick to it, my diet it actually really good.

I’m totally down to complete the 12-week challenge and keep it going after that. Weeks 13-24 look SO intense, but I’m determined! 6 months is really not that long at all.

Has anyone else gave BBG a go? Tips? Tricks? Motivational quotes are accepted too!

julieann x


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