so i tired the wheat belly 10-day detox…

OK, hi hello.

Getting back into the wellness world over here.

Today we’re going to talk Dr. Davis’ Wheat Belly 10-Day Detox.

& it’s going to be fun.

I read the Wheat Belly books cover-to-cover and my mom & I have been debating on doing the WB 10-day grain detox for a while now and we finally just did it.

So basically this WB10DGD is about detoxing your body from grains – allllll of the wheat / grains / stomach-hating foods that I don’t normally eat, but over an intensive 10-day period of time. I eat gluten free, as you probably already know & it’s not by choice. I get a really upset stomach for D A Y S if I eat gluten and I basically go days without feeling like myself after ingesting gluten. I still eat corn, rice, barley, spelt, etc., I just stay away from white flours, whole wheats, etc.

++ little quick backstory: basically after my first year of university, I had intense stomach aches all the time, was always tired, couldn’t eat and said ‘if I never had to eat again in my life, I’d be happy’ multiple times a day. After a few tests and food eliminations done over a few weeks, I had come to the conclusion ( with the help of my doctor ) that it was a gluten sensitivity & I would eat mostly GF for the years to come. 

OK, so lately I’ve been GF 100% of the time.

I used to be able to eat one ‘regular’ cookie and not feel like I was going to be sick or have crazy stomach cramps, but now I can’t do that.

Not at all.

I’ve also come to realize that maybe half the stuff that I think I can eat still I shouldn’t be, but I’m still in the process of figuring that out so that’ll be another story for another day.

So you’re probably wondering…

what is the wheat belly 10-day grain detox?september23-6

Basically it’s these kickass recipes that Dr. Davis has come up with to help the body recover from all of the sh*t that we put in it.

There are shakes, granola, gingerbread muffins ( !!! ), pastas ( can’t do – I’m unfortunately no longer a zucchini fan but I’m sure they’re delicious ), meatloaf, P I Z Z A, and tons more.

Every day you eat three meals, and for days 3-10 you have to incorporate in a detox shake. The detox shake replaces one of your meals each day and it’s supposed to aid in your detoxing – let me tell you, it SURE does.

There’s a new recipe for each meal every. single. day. but since it’s only my mom and I doing this, we’ve picked the recipes that we are more interested in trying and are eating meals on repeat.

There are SO many leftovers.

It’s great.

The WB10DGD is pretty flexible and it allows you to eat your leftovers so that it’s not a waste of food. The meals are actually pretty tasty and most of them are SO filling. I’ll definitely be making the focaccia bread a ton <<< it’s so good with mashed eggs and I have a feeling that it would make a fab pizza crust.

OK, so let’s break down the days:

Day 1 | Monday, September 12:

EatsBreakfast: Granola / Lunch: Broccoli soup / Supper: Pizza.
Hunger LevelBreakfast: Normal / Lunch: Not hungry at all / Supper: Absolutely starving ( started being super hungry around 4:00pm and didn’t eat until 5:30pm because I was at work ).
MotivationMorning: High… tons of it! / Afternoon: Low… ready to quit / Evening: High… tons of motivation to keep going and have an open-mind for tomorrow’s meals.
Overall Feelings – Super pumped to try it out, kind of skeptical & overly weirded out at how little food it seemed that I would be eating. I did get really discouraged around 4:00pm when I became SO hungry that I felt sick. I was at work anyway, so there was nothing for me to eat / I couldn’t leave to go get food, but when I got home I just about gave in and called it quits right then and there. The pizza at dinnertime changed my mind – it was delicious, filling and s p i c y.september23-1>> best pizza E V E R. Like seriously.

Day 2 | Tuesday, September 13:

Eats – Breakfast: Granola / Lunch: Focaccia bread with two mashed eggs / Supper: Spicy sausage frittata.
Hunger LevelBreakfast: Normal / Lunch: Normal / Supper: Normal – starving, in a matter of minutes.
Motivation – Morning: High… ready to tackle the day & say ‘no’ to the cravings / Afternoon: High… food was SO filling and actually so friggin’ tasty / Evening: Medium… supper was a fail at first ( eggplants were both mouldy and ick ) and it took forever for the frittata to cook so I was super hungry so about to give in & eat some PB <<< my FAV filling ‘treat’.
Overall Feelings – Realllllly motivated – like seriously SO on it & ready to kick ass. I felt like this all day. I already could feel the effects that the detox was having on my body and it made me so aware of how my body reacts to e v e r y t h i n g; everything that I put in it, everything that occurs in my daily life and everything that I think may possibly occur ( even if those thoughts are a bit psycho ).

Day 3 | Wednesday, September 14:

Eats – Breakfast: Mocha-coco detox shake / Lunch: Focaccia bread with 4 slices of shaved ham / Supper: Meatloaf with mashed ‘potatoes’.
Hunger Level – Breakfast: Normal / Lunch: Normal – not very hungry / Supper: Normal.
Motivation – Morning: High… so enjoying how I feel / Afternoon: High… felt full, enjoyed my meal again ( the focaccia bread = my FAV ) & detoxing feels great / Evening: High… little bit hungry around 8:30pm, but realizing that I may just be bored <<< I’m such a bad boredom eater.
Overall Feelings – OK, who knew detoxing was seriously such a fast working process??? I keep feeling like I’m comparing this detox to IPP but it’s a TOTALLY different process & the WB10DGD is totally working for me. IPP worked, yes, but it wasn’t a detox and it didn’t help me FEEL better. This detox is working wonders – I’m not exhausted, my body feels nourished and I feel so much better. I have been having crazy stomach pain and feeling uncomfortable lately, but this detox is totally eliminating those pains.september23-5>> who knew how unappealing a piece of meatloaf would look like photographed? I swear it tastes better than it looks!

Day 4 | Thursday, September 15:

EatsBreakfast: Cinnamon apple pie detox shake ( fav! ) / Lunch: Frittata / Supper: Pizza + Olive Garden salad ( longtime fav ).
Hunger Level – Breakfast: Normal / Lunch: Normal / Supper: Normal.
Motivation – Morning: High! / Afternoon: High / Evening: High, loved being able to incorporate in my favourite salad, and really loving the detox shake after waking up.
Overall Feelings – Seriously continuing to feel SO freakin’ good. It is unreal what putting GOOD food into your body does to you. I am already sleeping better, I’m not nearly as tired as I have been and I’m continuing to feel healthier overall.september23-3 september23-4>> not pictured: the most delicious dressing ever. Olive Garden dressing courtesy of Costco. It’s a godsend because there’s no OG in Canada #godblessCostco

Day 5 | Friday, September 16:

Eats – Breakfast: Cinnamon apple pie detox shake / Lunch: Frittata + OG salad / Supper: Meatloaf + OG salad.
Hunger Level – Breakfast: Normal / Lunch: Normal / Supper: Not really hungry, but ate anyway because I knew I would be later.
Motivation – Morning: High… tons of it! / Afternoon: Medium… the frittata wasn’t the best leftover and I really wanted ‘real’ food / Evening: High… tons of motivation to keep going and have an open-mind for tomorrow’s meals.
Overall Feelings – Honestly, didn’t really feel like myself / wasn’t feeling hungry or anything all day so it was a weird day, but felt motivated nonetheless. Still absolutely loving the detox shake in the morning ( the mocha-coco detox shake was SO not my thing, but the cinnamon apple pie one tastes like fall in a smoothie. LOVE it ).

Day 6 | Saturday, September 17:

Eats – Breakfast: Cinnamon apple pie detox shake / Lunch: Meatloaf + OG salad / Supper: Pizza + OG salad.
Hunger Level – Breakfast: Normal / Lunch: Absolutely starving! / Supper: Normal.
Motivation – Morning: High / Afternoon: High / Evening: Medium… the weekends are where I know I eat the worst and this night I was realllllly craving real pizza. But I didn’t cave because I knew I’d feel better if I ate what was outlined for me to eat.
Overall Feelings – JUST about ready to give up… I wanted to eat everything in sight / rode the struggle bus alllllll day. It was really weird, too… the food I ate was really good & it was my favs from the whole detox but something just wasn’t feeling it and I wanted PIZZA. Like real freakin’ pizza, loaded high with cheese and grease ( lol ). I got over it quickly though.

Day 7 | Sunday, September 18:

Eats – Breakfast: Cinnamon apple pie detox shake / Lunch: Frittata / Supper: Pizza + OG salad.
Hunger Level – Breakfast: Normal / Lunch: Normal / Supper: Fairly hungry, more so than normal.
Motivation – Morning: High… tons of it! / Afternoon: High / Evening: Medium.
Overall Feelings – Sunday was a decent day overall. I was pretty into it after the day before ( thankfully ) and the food hit the spot. My body is seriously L O V I N G the food and all of the changes. Still feeling super rested and overall more healthy.

Day 8 | Monday, September 19:

Eats – Breakfast: Cinnamon apple pie detox shake / Lunch: Gingerbread nut muffin with 4 slices of cheese and two slices of shaved ham / Supper: Pizza + OG salad.
Hunger Level – Breakfast: Normal / Lunch: Normal / Supper: Normal.
Motivation – Morning: Medium / Afternoon: Medium/ Evening: High… got better throughout the day. I actually didn’t feel too good all day, but I toughed it out, ate what I was supposed to and felt better in the evening.
Overall Feelings – The changes are UNREAL – no joke. I’m continuously feeling so much better and it’s crazy how much this thing is working. My mom has been feeling the same way. We didn’t drop weight like crazy ( as some of the personal stories in the book noted happening to other people who followed the WB10DGD ), but both of us were feeling so freakin’ good & I’m definitely in it to win it.september23-2>> my obsession! May or may not be eating one right now.

Day 9 | Tuesday, September 20:

Eats – Breakfast: Cinnamon apple pie detox shake / Lunch: Gingerbread nut muffin with 4 slices of cheese / Supper: Minestrone soup + OG salad.
Hunger Level – Breakfast: Normal / Lunch: Not overly hungry / Supper: Normal.
Motivation – Morning: High… tons of it! / Afternoon: High / Evening: High! LOVED the muffins and soup!
Overall Feelings – Honestly, excited to be finished BUT so ready to continue fuelling my body with everything that it loves and craves. The WB10DGD really made my cravings for things like ice cream and salty things go away. For real I have the biggest sweet tooth but only when it comes to ice cream & yeah, I mean I was craving ice cream because #timeofthemonth but I was craving gingerbread nut muffins ALL day so I may have had an extra one as a naughty snack… oops that’s life.

Day 10 | Wednesday, September 21:

Eats – Breakfast: Tropical breeze detox shake / Lunch: NOTHING! ( forgot my muffin at home & was stuck at school ) / Supper: Meatloaf + OG salad and 4 slices of cheese.
Hunger Level – Breakfast: Normal / Lunch: Thankfully not too hungry / Supper: Starving! Understandable though!
Motivation – Morning: High… tons of it! / Afternoon: High… so proud of my mama and I for sticking it out for 10 days! / Evening: High… seriously so pumped that it was over, but ready to keep eating clean from now on.
Overall Feelings – Clearly my head wasn’t on straight all damn day… I made my smoothie wrong ( half followed one recipe, and half followed the other ) and the smoothie tasted like shit but I had to drink it anyway because I was determined to finish out strong. Then I got to school and realized that I HAD FORGOT MY LUNCH – seriously. Talk about a bad day! I got home for supper and had the best meatloaf, delicious salad and cheese because it’s been my cheat this detox ( but you’re allowed it, so is it really cheating?! ). I was SUPER pumped to be finished and able to eat real food starting on Thursday… but as life would have it, I am obsessed with the food and have eaten it every day since.

now that it’s all over:

How do I feel? So freakin’ good.. like SO GOOD. I am barely bloated, hardly tired and seriously just feel overall so detoxed and healthy. I have never done a proper detox but I’m definitely down to do more, especially ones like this one where you eat real food, get to drink coffee, and pizza is involved.

Did I have any ‘results’? Yes, overall I’ve definitely lost a ton of inches – bloat is GONE, my pants are actually not really staying up, but I didn’t lose a ton of weight ( probably about five pounds, give or take ). My skin cleared up immensely and I’ve never slept better. I even wake up before my alarm & I’m not tired, plus I’ve been going to bed way later than normal, like an hour-ish and I’m barely tired.

Would I do it again? Yes, yes YES. I plan on making a ton of these meals each week because they’re honestly so good & incorporating in other WB recipes. The food agrees with my stomach, overall health, everything. It’s just so good.

What are my favourite recipes? The pizza 100%, that was most definitely my favourite. Plus I LOVED the gingerbread nut muffins and the cinnamon apple pie detox shake. There were actually 3 new recipes a day, but since it was only my mom and I eating the food, we had a ton of leftovers & didn’t want them to go to waste, so we didn’t actually get to try all of the recipes. But we will!september23-7>> one of the days laid out – seriously DYING to try the chocolate avocado pudding.

If you haven’t read any of the Wheat Belly books by Dr. Davis, I highly recommend checking them out. Even if you aren’t GF /Celiac / sensitive, WB has some valuable info. & some pretty great recipes that you may just fall in love with. Also – the WB10DGD is a nice way for your body to reset and detox because grains do have an effect on us all. I seriously feel amazeee and so so SO recommend doing this for 10 days.

The Wheat Belly books are pretty much my bibles and I find something new & interesting every time I skim through them.

Eating GF doesn’t have to be boring. You can have cake & eat it, too!

Thx for sticking with me, I know this was a long read but I’m so passionate about eating GF and not missing out because it does suck when you can’t eat what everyone else seems to be indulging in.

OK, off to eat a gingerbread nut muffin ( because I can! ).

julieann x


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