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Sometimes things happen in our life, that we don’t like, that affect our happiness. Some things that happen, we have control over and can change. Other times, things happen and they are out of our control. We can’t stop these things from happening. It makes us not want to engage in things that we usually love to do. It makes it hard for us to do the things that we have /want to do. Our happiness is affected. Our positivity is affected.

We struggle. There are so many things in life that can result in us suffering and struggling to stay happy.

Struggling to stay positive.

There are so many things in life that are affected by our positivity. Staying positive is such a key thing to do. But sometimes it is so hard.

Currently, I am struggling. It’s pretty obvious if you follow my Instagram or this blog regularly, that over the last few days I haven’t posted much. When I did post it was just a quick little post looking back on one of my favourite places I traveled to… I honestly haven’t felt like posting much for a little while now, and I don’t know why. <<<<<< experiencing something happening in my life that I am unaware of, that I can pinpoint what it is, but it is affecting my positivity and my desire to do the things I love.

There are so many good things happening in my life. It is my favourite time of year. I have 2 papers and 1 test until I am finished this term. Christmas is in 28 days. I have the best family, friends and boyfriend. I have my health ( minus this dang cold that won’t leave me – bronchitis / laryngytis / whatever this is, IT IS HELLLLLL ). My Christmas shopping is coming along nicely and I’m so excited for the gifts I am giving. I have a job and I have the opportunity to attend school… But there is still an inner struggle that I am facing. And I don’t know why.

It sucks when you are having a hard time and it seems as though nothing is ever going to go right again and it is hard to pull ourselves out of these times. But it is so important to do just that. You don’t want to get stuck in a permanent rut of unhappiness and negativity.

There are some little things that I try to do, each and every day, but most importantly when I am struggling that have positively affected me. I know what can help me be happier and more positive, so especially when I am struggling, I make it a point to do them.

Even if they don’t lead to 100% happiness, they do help, as long as I make a point to do them all – consistently.


Don’t overwhelm yourself: When I realize that I have 1248920 things that I need to accomplish in like 24 hours, I get panicked, anxious and feel extremely overwhelmed. Feeling like this leads to me procrastinating things – leaving things until the absolute last minute and not putting in the effort that I need to, in order to do a good job. Making lists and planning out when things need to be finished, are due, or are happening is great, but what I also like to do is to plan out times that I can work on stuff. I like to plan out how many hours I think something will take versus how many hours I have each day to dedicate to the project, and set aside time each day to work on each project. Now I’m not saying that this always happens. Sometimes things come up or sometimes I just honestly don’t want to sit and write a paper or whatever, so I do procrastinate and sometimes most times I end up doing shit last minute and it is starting to drive me insane. <<<< currently writing this instead of writing a paper. Great example of how I constantly overwhelm myself… but I’m getting better. At least the paper isn’t due tomorrow.

Have someone to talk to: It’s important to have someone that you can talk to about your struggles and emotions. Keeping them all bottled inside can lead to more problems in the future. Being able to talk about stuff that’s on your mind is key because they can provide advice, support or be able to tell you that you’re crazy and over-reacting.

Holding yourself accountable: If you make a choice that isn’t a good one, if you do something that you know isn’t a good thing to do, you are the only one that will be ultimately affected. Make sure that you focus on what you are doing, focus on your choices and if you slip up, make an effort to counteract that mistake with a good choice.

Surround yourself with positivity: It’s easy to continue to bask in the negativity when you are feeling bad, but it is important to make a conscious decision to eliminate the negativity and toxins in your life. This goes for toxic people, choices, activities and environments. If you surround yourself with negativity, that is what you will get in life. Relationships and environments that bring you peace and happiness are the ones that you should be surrounding yourself with. If things are bringing you negativity and unhappiness, then it is best to remove yourself from those situations or relationships. This isn’t always easy, but it is always for the best. Ending relationships that bring you nothing but misery will eventually make your life a happier one that you are living. Staying away from activities and environments that bring you negative emotions and feelings will help your overall happiness too. Sometimes these are not easy things to do, but you deserve to be happy and you deserve to only have positive, happy things in your life.

Keep a journal: This doesn’t actually have to be a journal or a diary, but I find by writing things down and making notes of my feelings or of my day, allow me to make sense of it all. I write little notes anywhere and everywhere, from my phone to sticky notes to my agenda, my computer and my notebooks. I like being able to look back on my feelings and on my day to see what brought me happiness and what brought me unhappiness.


Stick to a routine: This is so key. Humans thrive off routine. Sometimes people are able to be more “go with the flow” and change things up in their day-to-day life, but I am not one of those people. I like to have things planned out and know what I am doing ahead of time. I like to aim to go to sleep each night at the same time and wake up in the morning at each time. I typically eat meals at the same time each day ( usually I eat a lot of the same foods too… seriously, I love routine and I need some sort of grounding in my life ). I like to do the same sort of thing each day at the same time and when I have to do something that is out of my ordinary day-t0-day routine, I like to know ahead of time because then I am able to plan it in around my schedule. <<<< looking at this, I sound like a crazy person. I just know I work best when I know what’s going on and when I am on a schedule.

Focus on your choices: Don’t get mad at yourself if you make a bad choice, but do hold yourself accountable, like I said above. It is so important to choose happiness, to choose health and wellness, to choose to be around positive people and to choose to only engage in positive situations. But sometimes we can let ourselves slip and that is OK. You just need to make a mental note ( or an actual note, this is what I do ) of the slip up and make sure you choose more positively in the future.

Make healthy choices: Consciously choosing what you put in your body, what activities you engage in, how often you do certain things are so key for your overall health and well-being. Healthy choices can include major ( and obvious ) things like eating healthy foods, putting fresh / clean / green foods in your body, working out, sweating at least once a day, not smoking, limiting alcohol intake, drinking water and getting enough sleep. These are all things that are preached to us at young ages until we, quite literally, die, but they are all super important in your body’s health ( mental health too! ) which impacts your positivity. Little healthy choices that I like to include in my day-to-day life are things like walking instead of taking the elevator / escalator, taking a longer route to class ( if I’m not running late! ), having chill days where I literally do nothing but what I absolutely HAVE to do and letting myself rest and re-charge, taking time off from my phone and social media and not limiting myself ( AKA doing not-so-great things in MODERATION ) because if I completely cut junk and unhealthy stuff out of my life, I am 100% sure I would go crazy.

Do something you love: Self-explanatory. Doing things you love will obviously bring you joy and happiness. And that leads to my last thing…

Have fun: It’s so important that, even when you’re struggling, you make an effort to engage in fun things. These could be little things like binge-watching your favourite show or something bigger like going out with your friends or on a date with your sig other. Always always always make time for fun.

These are just little things that I try to incorporate into my life each and every day, especially when I am feeling shitty about something. Negativity never got anyone anywhere! I’m all about the #POSITIVEVIBESONLY.

I’m off to continue to sleep off this nasty illness that I have… I am slowly ( but surely! ) getting my voice back and my family is totally pissed HA. I’m feeling more and more like myself every day and my energy / motivation levels are increasing fast!

XO julieann



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