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Hello & Happy Humpday!

We’ve made it.

We’re more than halfway through the week and I honestly couldn’t be more excited. This week has been jam-packed so far, I feel like I’ve barely had time to breathe. When camp starts, I always try to chill out during the evenings and not make plans but of course, as they do, things come up and there are some things you can’t pass up. On Monday night, I went to an event with my grandfather, parents and brother that we go to every year. It started later than we thought & then started EVEN later because of a malfunction at the location. It took longer to get home than usual because of construction in the city so basically it was like one thing after another. It got a little funny to be honest. I almost fell asleep during the event ( multiple times, oops ) and my mom thought this was the funniest thing. Last night was spent with a friend who’s going through a tough time and tonight my mama dragged me out to run errands with her. I love spending time with my mom though, and I feel as though we’re always busy doing our own things that we don’t get to see each other as much as either of us would like. Camp has been fun but we haven’t been on any day trips so I’m super pumped for the rest of the week. Tomorrow we’re going bowling and Friday is rollerskating, so that’s super fun! Trips make the days go by SO fast, I love it!

Ok, anyway, enough rambling about life lately… This shirt is so cute ( even though it’s so wrinkly & OMG it does NOT stay un-wrinkled for longer than 5 minutes ). It’s another bardot top – are we surprised? The straps aren’t my favourite, but I wanted to wear it once before I cut them off, just to make sure that it stayed up and doesn’t slip down without the straps. The neck is actually decently tight and I will be cutting the straps off before I wear it next time. I am 110% obsessed with anything and everything that is blue this summer…

Blue and white paired together are my jam. The two colours just look so classic paired together. So it was no doubt that I was going to pair this blue top with white bottoms.

I picked my favourite pair of ripped white denim shorts. These are SO stretchy – they feel like jeggings. American Eagle makes the best denim in my opinion & even though it tends to be expensive, it goes on sale a lot. Sometimes I even buy denim pieces full price if I just can’t wait – it’s worth every penny. I think this top would look super cute with white ripped skinny jeans too for a cooler day, paired with some tan strappy wedges.

For accessories, I’m wearing another pair of oversized sunnies & my favourite boho purse ( as usual ). I am not a huge accessories person, as you can probably tell. I tend to stick with what I like & don’t stray from it often. It takes me forever to find a purse that I actually like – I’m SO picky. And I’m also really stingy when it comes to buying sunglasses because I break them or lose them super easily, so I tend to repeat accessories a lot! My sandals are my favourite. They’re my go-to lately. They’re super comfy for walking in and you don’t have to worry about them falling off or anything which is a win in my books.

I am in desperate need of sleep & more sleep, so off to bed I go. Hope your week is going great! Thanks for reading… XO

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Outfit Details:
Shirt: Forever 21
Shorts: American Eagle
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters
Purse: Marshalls
Sandals: Steve Madden


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