summer bucket list 2016


Summer is quickly approaching. Like so quickly I can hardly believe it.

At the beginning of next week, it is OFFICIALLY summer – so even if wherever you are in the world doesn’t feel like summer just yet ( like me! ), know that it has to warm up really soon. I promise… keep holding out hope! I know I am.

On the account that summer is coming, we flashback to Friday’s post where I noted that I had been enjoying creating a summer bucket list. In the past, I’ve made bucket lists for summer, but I’ve never really been able to knock things off because I put such farfetched ideas. Don’t get me wrong, I’d still LOVE to do these things but I just know that I need to prepare more for them than just placing them on a list.

In the summer, I work a day camp program for 8-9 hours each day, and only have weekends and evenings free. But really, my evenings aren’t “free” because I am typically in bed around 10pm ( or before! Depending on the day – hot, sunny day & it’s a beach trip? Bed time at 7pm #nojoke ) so that I can be rested and awake semi-easily the next morning.

This year I created a summer bucket list that I really feel as though I’ll be able to check check check everything off & I’m so excited to get going!

>> Beach day: including waking up early and heading out for the beach with lots of water, food, books, music and sunscreen so that I can literally stay at the beach until dinner time without needing to leave for any reason. I usually get to the beach too late in the day to get a good spot and really soak in the sun, but this year I’m determined to go early and stay until late!

>> Road trip: I love road trips and typically every summer I go on at least one, so this is a for sure CHECK on my bucket list but I thought I’d include it anyway because road trips are SO fun & I encourage you to go on one this summer. Pack up some snacks, have a good playlist and drive until you reach your destination. Last year Daniel and I drove to Boston and this was probably the most fun I’ve ever had on a road trip. We listened to music, talked about life, and played little road trip games along the way such as the license plate game. I mean, seriously, that’s my most favourite game – it’s so fun to be nosy and check out where people are coming from! We found almost every province & 2/3 territories, plus just over 40 states.

>> Make s’mores: I know I sound like I’m a child playing the license plate game and then next talking about making s’mores but there’s just something SO summery about a late night marshmallow roast in baggy hoodies and most importantly, with the ocean crashing in the background. We usually do a s’mores night when we are at the beach house but last year we didn’t and I really missed it!

>> Night walks on the beach: one of my absolute favourites about the summer is the beach at night. I love when there’s a clear sky and you’re able to see the moon and the stars shining brightly. Bundling up in a hoodie and walking on the beach for a bit, and then sitting and talking to whoever you are with is one of the most calming things to do. I’ll probably have to do this one on a weekend since my “during the week bedtime” is basically right after the sun goes down!

>> Read books: my love of reading is at an all-time high right now but in the summer, I get lazier and time seems to slip away. I usually read like 2-3 books in a summer but my goal this year is to keep reading at the pace I am right now and aim for 4-5 per month. I’m not saying that I absolutely have to read this many books, I just want to keep going at hte pace I’m at because I genuinely enjoy reading and I need to remember to give myself time to do the things I love even when I’m busy and feeling so overworked.

>> Work on TIBTours: Daniel and I kind of came up with this idea semi-together, while bouncing ideas off one another and I really want to get it started. I’ll fill you in when I get the first post created and ready, but until then, it’s a secret project in the works. But I couldn’t be more excited for it.

A few more items on my bucket list are:

>> Go to a concert.
>> See David Ortiz play at Fenway one more time.
>> Explore my hometown/province.
>> Stay at a cottage.
>> Swim in the ocean at night.
>> Geo-caching.
>> Try new cafes.
>> See a drive-in movie.
>> Waterpark day.
>> Go to the zoo.

What are some of the things that you want to do this summer? 



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