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Hello! What’s up what’s up!

Today was such a chill dreary day around here – nowhere near as nice as this particular day that Daniel and I shot this outfit on ( thx god we get some nice weather once in a while for blog photoshoots eeekkk ). It’s now pouring down rain and so cold, it’s like bone-chillingly cold and it’s July… #saywhaaatttt?!

Last Saturday, Daniel and I spent the day shopping and we popped into the Roots store around us because I wanted to check out the semi-annual sales. I was in search of a hoodie for camp because when Roots has sales, they’re typically awesome & I LOVE their hoodies. When we walked in, you have to walk by the non-sale section first ( they try to suck you in! ) and this jumpsuit caught my eye ( see, they sucked me in! ). I told Daniel I was only going to try it on because the price was higher than I had wanted to spend + it wasn’t on sale / it also wasn’t a hoodie which is what I had intended on buying… But then I put it on and fell in love. I knew I had to buy it.

It’s the most comfy thing I’m pretty sure that I have EVER owned. It is so soft. The material is stretchy. It is lightweight material but yet still cozy at the same time. I love how the legs are a little bit shorter and how they are elasticated at the bottoms. The drawstring at the waist actually works – which is great because I sized up so that it wasn’t super tight and so that the leg length was a little longer on me. & the best part? It has pockets & I love me some pockets.

So as I’m sitting at a coffee shop, drinking ( cold ) hot chocolate and working on blog posts, I’m wearing my new jumpsuit and I’m so cozy and comfortable. It’s the greatest thing. It looks super cute paired with a jean jacket too – which is how I’m wearing it now because of the weather.

I’ve always been a huge fan of rompers / jumpsuits because they are so easy to wear & you don’t have to think about planning an outfit but I am even MORE of a fan when they are as comfortable and cozy as this one. It’s like wearing a onesie in public but not being judged. Because it’s not actually pajamas, it just feels like you’re wearing pajamas.

I hope you are all having a fabulous week. As always, thank you all for reading & we’ll talk soon! XOjuly3 18 july3 19 july3 20

Outfit Details:
Jumpsuit: Roots
Purse: Marshalls
Sunglasses: Coach


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