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september26-16 september26-17 september26-18 september26-19 september26-20 september26-21 september26-22 september26-23 september26-24 september26-25Sweatshirt Dress: Forever 21 | Boots: Madden Girl c/o DSW | Hat: Forever 21 | Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs c/o Marshalls

Hi guys!

Tonight’s post is a late one eeekkk. Somehow today just got away from me… I did homework ALL morning, got lunch with the BF, shopped for a bit and then headed straight to work from the mall.

Thank goodness for my class being cancelled today, I seriously needed that retail therapy.

This dress is one of my most recent purchases and since I bought this one, I may or may not have bought 3 more… To say I’m a little in love is an understatement.

My love for t-shirt dresses in the spring and summer has emerged into this love for sweatshirt dresses for the fall and probably winter.  I now own this pink one, a black one, a grey one and a green one, PLUS a sweatshirt dress that’s short sleeves… I mean… how perfect.

I love these style of dresses because A) they’re comfy, B) they’re cozy, and C) you can dress them up with the right accessories.

Often I’ll pair mine with Converse ( for now! While the weather is still nice-ish ) or short booties, but pairing them with my over-the-knee booties is quickly becoming my go-to way to wear them. You can wear these dresses with tights, even leggings, for extra warmth.

Love it.

OK, heading off to bed, cozying up with a hot cup of chamomile tea + my book.

Probably won’t read much… zzzzzzz…

x julieann


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