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july17 24 july17 25 july17 26 july17 27 july17 28 july17 29 july17 30 july17 31Hi guys!

So today has felt like Friday ALL day, no joke. I almost started this off with “Happy Friday” and then I realized that I was a day early… & this has been happening all day.

You’d think I’d remember by now.

But no.

So thank goodness that tomorrow is actually Friday AND it’s a long weekend. My aunt is down. We have a shopping date. Coffee + food will be involved. I’m going to drag Daniel into doing a bunch of blog stuff. I’ll probably check out the fireworks… I have high hopes for this weekend.

I’m gonna crush it.

& rest up for the week to come. I’ve found a new love for Sundays and I will write about this soon. Promise.

The other week, I was out shopping with Alexah & we were in Forever 21 – OBV – and I saw this dress and I touched it and I fell in love.

It is so soft and instantly felt like it would be a super comfortable dress. But I hadn’t planned on buying anything that night.

But then I looked at the price tag and I had to have it.

Immediately I also looked for other dresses in different colours, but this same style because I loved the material, I love the style and I LOVED the price.

This dress is the cutest and easiest to wear. It’s a little bit dressier then my beloved plain t-shirt dresses but it can still be worn casually.

OR you can pair it with a super chic chunky necklace ( like I did ) because it’s so plain and I love any excuse to wear a cute statement necklace.

The only thing I don’t love about this dress is how short it is.

Because let me tell you, it is DANG short.

And it flows in the wind.

And it is always windy around here.

But I couldn’t resist this dress. OH – it was only $12. STEAL. I want more in every colour. Too bad it doesn’t exist.

I’m off to bed! Goodnight guys. Thanks for reading.

Chat soon,

xx julieannjuly17 32 july17 33 july17 34

Outfit Details:
Dress: Forever 21
Necklace: Forever 21
Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters


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