thankful for autumn: thanksgiving weekend


Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving weekend?

There’s nothing I love more than a weekend full of the most festive autumn things. This year we headed to the valley ( as usual ) and went apple picking. We skipped the pumpkin patch this year because last year our pumpkin exploded before Halloween. It just didn’t want to last when we got it early in October, so this year we decided to wait til it is a little closer to Halloween.

We always head to the same spot in the valley. The apple orchard is across the street from the pumpkin patch and there’s a to die bakery and sandwich counter at the apple orchard ( biggest egg salad sandwhich EVER ).

For once we were early enough, yet late enough, that there were still some honey crisps ( my fav ) available for pickin’! If anyone needs apples just let me know, I have 20lbs of them in my kitchen. We also stopped at a cheese house on our way back and bought way too much gouda ( a place dedicated to just cheese is MY kind of place, I’m just sayin’ ).

[ we can’t get a picture of the 3 of us without this happening ]

IMG_6379 IMG_6380  IMG_6382
[ they dropped me… they said it was because their hands were full of apples… I don’t believe it ]  IMG_6390  IMG_6392  IMG_6396
[ love my fam ]  IMG_6400

The rest of the weekend consisted of a bunch of farmer’s markets ( they kind of sucked because apparently Sunday isn’t a good day for them ), baking lots of apple and pumpkin treats, eating turkey dinner & a whole lot of leftovers, and sleeping forever ( turkey coma x10 ). I love long weekends spent with family and loved ones and this long weekend was one of the best.

IMG_6404   IMG_6410

This Thanksgiving weekend was super relaxed but still busy and that’s definitely how I like to spend my downtime. We had family friends visiting from Austrailia and we got to hear all about their month long trips. They went to Alaska, all over Canada and are heading to Chicago ( and somewhere else too, ughhh my memory sucks ) and then they get to head back to Austrailia WHERE IT’S SUMMER #sojealous.

Peace out thanksgiving, bring on Christmas ( so excited, I can’t even help it )! – julieann x



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