that 70’s outfit

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Hi hi!

Long time, no post! Ahh I’m the worst.

There’s been WAY too much going on lately… like WAY too much. But I think it’s finally getting sorted out.

I’m a big ball of anxiety and emotions & I can’t wait for tomorrow to be o v e r.

Two positive things about this week so far though –

I’m done the detox I was on with my mama and I’m so happy that I stuck it through & completed it 100%.

I’m finally getting used to school and my classes and the workload isn’t too much at all.


This week has been SO hot again, and soooo freakin’ humid.

I’ve been wearing skirts and dresses paired with booties & I’m loving my outfits ( not so much loving the humidity, but you win some / you lose some ).

Honestly this skirt is one of my FAVS. I got it from F21 ( surprised? ) and I love wearing it casually like this particular outfit. It’s super cute with a baggy t-shirt tied in a knot too!

I’m off to bed, to try to sort through these emotions ahhhhh!

Chat soon,

x JE


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