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Hi hi!

Happy almost weekend! Woo! Have any big plans?

Today I thought I’d do a fun, quick Valentine’s Day version of The Friday Five. I haven’t done one of these posts in SO long… and I kind of forgot how much I love them!

/ five things i am loving:

Just a whole random assortment of things lately…

My new iPhone: I feel as though I go through phones SO quick and recently I just bought an iPhone 7. I really wanted the iPhone 7 Plus [ I don’t really know why… I feel like the size would end up driving me INSANE! ] but I settled on the plain ol’ 7. And let me tell you – I love it. I finally got the rose gold phone and I have the cutest clear Kate Spade case with light rose gold polka dots on it. I am obsessed, it’s probably not healthy how obsessed I am with my phone – but that’s okay.

Oldies: Lately, I’ve been jamming out to old songs – rap, r&b, pop, slow jams… ALL of it. As long as it’s from like 2010 or earlier ( preferably like 2004-2007 ). Those were the good days. I actually am obsessed with sitting and watching old music videos because they are just so cringey but also so good at the same time.

++ I have an ‘oldies’ playlist on Spotify if you’re interested, click here! Let me know if I’m missing any goodies.

Google Calendar: OK, seriously WHY have I never really used this before? I put all my assignments from last term into it and then I kind of forgot about it afterwards and never looked at it again. I just recently planned out all my blog posts for the next month, my school due dates and deadlines, and other random appointments & dates and I feel so put together. I constantly open it to check it and add to it [ actually, I haven’t yet closed the window ]. I’m loving it. I still love my actual paper planner and use it all the time, too, but it’s so incredibly useful to always have my schedule on hand.

Slippers: OMG, I’m also late to the slippers train but honest to goodness, I am almost never without them. My feet are always cold at home and I hate it! There’s nothing worse than cold feet ( except maybeeee wet hair!! ). Slippers are just so comfy and cozy.

Family time: This may sound so incredibly cliché, but lately I have been soaking up e v e r y moment that I possibly can that I have spent with family. Whether it’s grocery shopping with my mom, watching basketball with my dad, going to hockey games with my grandfather or going to dinner with my grandfather and brother, I’ve been LOVING every minute of it and soaking it all in.

/ five best romantic comedies:

These are just some of my all-time favs. Romantic comedies are, hands down, my FAV genre of movie. They’ve always got such good storylines, and you KNOW that you’re going to feel good after they end. You’ll laugh and you’ll cry, but they always end in such cute ways that you can never go wrong.

He’s Just Not That Into You.

The Proposal.

Just Go With It.

> 27 Dresses.

Silver Linings Playbook.

/ five things i look for in the opposite sex:

Honesty: Basically, you cannot have anything if you don’t have honesty and trust in a relationship. I think that it is important to be honest about pretty much everything, as it will keep a relationship strong and help it to grow.

PlayfulNobody wants to be serious ALL the time… Having a fun-loving relationship full of fun and playful times is totally necessary. If you can go between being playful and being serious, I’m down for that.

Independence: I like to do my own thing, and I like to do things alone, A LOT. I don’t like when someone needs to spend every waking moment with you & cannot function without you. Obviously, it’s nice to feel wanted and like you matter to somebody, but it is also nice when you can do your own thing and still know that in the end, the other person will be there.

Adventurous: Hiking, road trips, beach vacations… I’m all about those. I love when someone is down to just pack up and go for the day & it doesn’t matter what the plan is.

Caring: I’m so obsessed with my family and friends and if someone is also obsessed with theirs, then life is good. I also need them to be obsessed with my family and friends, care about society, me and have deep conversations about things. I like when someone asks ‘how are you’ and genuinely means it.

/ five best love songs:

> You & Me – Lifehouse.

Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran.

Unconditionally – Katy Perry.

You’re Still The One – Shania Twain.

From This Moment – Shania Twain.

/ five self-love musts:

Loving yourself and taking time for you is SO key. Who says Valentine’s Day has to be about your significant other, your besties or your loved ones? V Day is the perfect day to love on yourself, too.

Treat yourself: Buy a new wallet, take a day to chill, go buy a packet of mini eggs and eat every single one of them! If you’re having a stressful day, just give yourself what you need to feel better. I love going to pick up a little treat [ OMG, thx god mini eggs are in like every storefront now! ] or getting a tea.

Take care of yourself: Not in a go to the doctor, eat healthy, make sure you are working out kind of way, but in a get your haircut, do your nails and pluck your eyebrows kind of way. Sometimes we get so busy that we let these things slip past, but it’s so important to take care of yourself. When you look your best, you feel your best. It sounds totally self-absorbed and cocky but it is so important!

Stop comparing yourself: You are not meant to be the other people you obsessively stalk on Instagram or even be like your best friend. You are meant to be YOU & that is so wonderful. There is absolutely nothing wrong with striving to be better than you are now, because hey, we all have things that we can work on, but you are you & loving that and realizing that is the greatest thing that you can possibly do.

Get to know you: Have you ever really thought about who you are? I know that I really haven’t. It’s the hardest thing when you have to introduce yourself to someone and talk about yourself because really, we don’t often get to know who we truly are. Taking time to realize who you are, what you like and what you want in life is SO important.

Take it easy: Resting is so important. Relaxing, having a chill day, taking time to yourself and just being is something that we often put off but we shouldn’t. We owe it to ourselves to take some time to breathe, to sleep, to watch our favourite TV shows because we deserve it.

/ five long-time loves:

The beachSeriously my happy place. I’ve blogged about this so many times, but the beach just brings me so much peace, tranquility and inspiration. I haven’t been on a beach trip or had a beach day that I haven’t left feeling so inspired and motivated. Even when I leave and I’m sunburnt, I always feel so peaceful and blissed out.

Writing: I’ve always l o v e d writing, for as long as I can really remember. I was always the girl in school who never wanted writing time to end. Don’t get be wrong, I liked reading too ( & still do! ) but writing and creating has always been my thing & blogging has only encouraged my love for it to grow.

Cuba: SERIOUSLY MY FAV. I’ve been to Cuba three times now and I am completely dying to go back. Cuba just represents complete and pure happiness to me. It is such a welcoming country, the people are so good to you, it leaves me feeling so relaxed and it’s full of such beautiful beaches… what more could you really want?

Pajama days: I mean… who doesn’t love spending all day curled up in their pajamas? It’s honestly one of my favourite things to do. I crave chilled days, where the only time you get out of your pajamas is to shower and put on a clean pair before going to bed. Pajama days are the one ( & basically only ) thing I love about winter and snowstorms.

> Fashion: I’ve gone through highs and lows of loving fashion posts for the blog and then hating them, but one thing that I’ve never stopped loving is fashion in general. I’ve always been SO into it. I mean, even when I was a little girl everyone knew me as the fashionista. I wasn’t afraid to mix and match patterns, colours and textures… & I still do! I really want to get back into posting some fashion content on here too… winter just totally turns me off fashion because it’s so cold here and I need to wear tons of layers.

/ five things i love about myself:

It’s so hard to think about what we like about ourselves. It feels so self-absorbed, so selfish, cocky and self-obsessed but it’s important to like who YOU are and to be proud of it. You don’t have to do it in a cocky, self-obsessed kind of way ( because that’s annoying ) but do it in a loving, caring way and it’s the same as telling someone else what you love about them.

My eyelashes.

My ability to care about people, no matter what.

My openness to accept others for who they are, no matter what.

My eyebrows.

My drive and passion for things.

So that’s my V Day edition of The Friday Five…

Sidenote: Anyone else not a huge Valentine’s Day fan? I just think of it as any other day, if I’m being honest. I’ve never really seen the huge importance in the day. If you love someone, you should prove it every day – not just on Feb 14!

x julieann


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