the friday five | vol. 01

So I thought I’d start a new thing. I used to share my Friday Favourites a lot, but I found that it just kind of got blah – repetitive and honestly, annoying to write.

I don’t often switch up my beauty products, make-up items or even fashion pieces. I like what I like and I stick with it. I don’t even have exciting things happen every single week, so Friday Favourites got a little bit hard to write.

When I get bored of something, I get sooo over it, so I thought I’d take a little break from them and then I came across this idea from various other blogs ( I am a blog whore, I admit it – I read SO many good ones ), I thought I’d give it a go.

So basically, I’ll share five things from different categories on Fridays. It might happen every Friday, it might happen only one Friday a month, who really knows. I’m just going to go with it and write this when I want.

The categories could be things like five beauty products, five fashion pieces or five songs that are currently on repeat. Or they could be things like five Christmas traditions ( yes, I’m already thinking about Christmas! ), five recipes to try or five of my favourite blog reads lately.

Basically I’ll be bringing you guys a TON of great things – in list form of course! – every few Fridays.

I had been sort of sharing this in my Sunday posts AKA my 10 things from this moment in time posts, but I think I want to make my Sunday posts more personal. More of like a weekly recap or insight into what’s going on lately & my Friday posts will be more vague, less personal and more about sharing my favs.

five MUST have products for summer:

Alright, alright, I know I’m kind of late to the party with this but we still have a lot of summer left… Even though I desperately want it to be fall, I am going to soak it up and love the sunshine for a few more weeks & I know I’ll be reaching for these products a ton more over the next few weeks to save my skin and save me time from doing my makeup.

august12 15 august12 1401.  Facial moisturizer with SPF: this is KEY. I could not live without facial moisturizer, and now that I’ve found a really good one with SPF in it, I am even more in love. I am a HUGE advocate for sunscreen – my grandpa just had a bout of melanoma & thankfully everything seems to be OK now for him, but I’m not going to take my chances with it in my future. I wear sunscreen all the time but I hate wearing sunscreen on my face. It breaks me out and it makes my face oily, and for a while I wore it anyway because a few breakouts here and there are much better than melanoma. Now that I’ve found the goddess of all facial SPF’s, I am protected from the UV rays & I don’t have to worry about any nasty-ass breakouts.

02.  Tinted moisturizer with build-able coverage: I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I wore foundation in the summer. Sure, I wear it every so often if I have a fancy dinner or I’m going out but most of the time I am barefaced or using tinted moisturizer in the summer. This particular one is my ride-or-die. I’ve been using it for a few years now & I have no desire to try another one because I am in love with it! It builds up for a more covered look, or you can throw it on ( on top of your SPF moisturizer! ) and just have enough coverage to feel comfortable.

03.  A good post-sun exposure cream: ok, so I did just go on a rant about how much of a crazy I am when it comes to sunscreen, esp. facial sunscreen, but I would be lying if I said I never got a sunburn. When I was away in Florida seven years ago, I got the worst sunburn I have ever had in my life. My skin felt like it was crawling with bugs, cold didn’t soothe me, ice didn’t stop the pain, I couldn’t shower and no cream OR medicine was working. Until I found this little gem from Burt’s Bees. Now I never travel ( even over night in the summertime! ) without it because I know that it will soothe my skin after being in the sun for any amount of time, whether I happen to get burnt or not.

04.  A dark bronzer: I am super obsessed with bronzing / contouring – I’m definitely not good at it by any means but I do love to add some colour to my otherwise super pale face. Bronzing has quickly become one of my fav things to do. I used to be all about blush, but now I hardly wear it at all & opt for bronzer more times than not. My favourite bronzer in general is Laguna by Nars, but lately I’ve been wearing Casino by Nars & I do really like it. It’s a lot more dark than Laguna so at times it’s hard to blend, but it is less shimmery than Laguna which I am a fan of.

05.  Waterproof mascara: this is a given, but oh-so important. During the rest of the year, I tend to wear non-waterproof mascara because to be real, I HATE trying to remove it at night. In the summer, I wear waterproof mascara because it’s summer and who knows when you will spontaneously jump off a bridge into the freezing cold Atlantic Ocean ( OMG! I did this yesterday, so fun! ), you’ll end up swimming or there will be a freak downpour that you get stuck outside in. In the summer, I also like to wear cheaper mascara because like I said before, I don’t spend a lot of my days wearing makeup and I don’t want to waste money on makeup when the chances of it coming off partway through the day are high.

five facts about me:

I have a few facts on my ‘about’ page, but I thought it would be fun to share a few more throughout this series. I always love getting to know my favourite bloggers through quirky things that they share, so I thought I’d do the same in case any of you are like me and love to be nosy!

01.  I’m a self-proclaimed homebody: honestly, this wasn’t always true. I went through a phase where I constantly wanted to be out & about. I went through a party phase, an adventure phase, a “let’s hang out everyday and have ten sleepovers in a row” phase… tons of different phases where I wanted to be out and with people. But now I prefer nights in to nights out, sleepovers once in a while ( and usually at my house! ) and adventures that don’t last for longer than a few days. I obviously do go out a lot, like hello, the mall is practically my second home and I do see friends often, but I’m not going to sit and pout if I have a night to chill alone. In fact, I’ll probably live it up in the comforts of my bed with some One Tree Hill repeats and blogging ( stalking or writing ).

02.  I’ve never met a dog I don’t like ( and that I’m not slightly afraid of ): I love dogs – dogs of all sizes, colours and personalities but I am honestly terrified of them. When I was younger, I was chased by a dog up my street while I was riding my bike alone & from then on, I’ve been anxious around dogs. This anxiety doesn’t stop my puppy fever though. I am DYING for a dog and I love cuddling with Daniel’s pug. I love walking through the off-leash part of parks and seeing dogs running on the beach, but I still get a wave of anxiety every time I am near a dog.

03.  I don’t cut my hair often: I don’t know if this is a gross fact & maybe it’s one I shouldn’t share, but I honestly believe that the ‘haircut rule’ ( get your hair cut every three months or it will stop growing! ) is made up by hairdressers so that you will go often and give them business. I trim my own hair once in a while – bye bye deadends, but if I’m being honest, it’s been like a year since I actually had my hair cut and it’s still growing. Sure it has lost it’s shape, but I prefer a messy, beachy look anyway and who wants to waste $70 on a haircut every three months when you could spend that on clothes or shoes?

04.  I couldn’t care less about the Olympics: they’ve been on TV nonstop since they started last week and honestly, it makes me want to pull my hair out. I think that the Olympics are SO boring! Yes, it’s amazing that these people work so hard for this and I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with striving to be an Olympic athlete but I don’t want to watch all of these events on TV for two and a half weeks. I couldn’t tell you how many medals Canada has won and I really don’t care… I have such bad national pride I guess!

05.  I used to play the piano ( and play it very well ): I started playing piano when I was six and I didn’t stop until around the time that I was seventeen. I used to learn songs just for fun or because someone around me was interested in them. My dad used to have this crazy song as his ringtone ( don’t ask me what it was – I have no clue! ) and I learned it on piano just because I wanted to. My brother went through a phase where he was OBSESSED with Star Wars, so I learned the theme song to the movies just because I wanted to. I was in competitions and placed high in almost all of them, and I took exams in piano and always passed them with flying colours. Then I got bored of piano and stopped playing and now I’m not even sure if I could play Hot Cross Buns anymore…

five fashion favs from the summer ( so far ):

I’ve been LOVING fashion for summer and I’ve been trying to make an effort to get dressed every single day. Even though it’s way easier to come home from summer camp in the evening and throw on athletic shorts and a workout top, I try to put on ‘real’ clothes instead. Most are basic pieces like I’ve shared below but I really do feel better when I actually try to wear a nice, put-together outfit as opposed to leaving on my camp clothes or putting on workout clothes.

01.  T-shirt dresses: you know this if you’ve read my blog a lot lately. I am obsessed with t-shirt dresses and am almost always wearing one. I own far too many but that’s ok – they’re so comfortable and versatile and I get a lot of wear out of each & every one of them.july1 7002.  Printed shorts: they’re so cute and easy to dress up or down, plus a lot of them can be worn in to the fall with sheer tights underneath so it’s a win-win. My favourite pair that I own are these leaf-printed ones, but I also love my aztec printed ones. I have a few more printed shorts too that I’ve worn a lot this summer, but just haven’t gotten around to photographing. I think they’re such a cute and simple way to look put together.july1 38july1 1703.  Distressed denim shorts: obviously a FAV. I don’t know any girl that doesn’t like to wear distressed denim shorts in the summer. I mean they’re just a staple for a beach day, a night out or an adventure day. I prefer high-waisted ones with lots of rips but you can get them in any style that you like.july1 604.  One-pieces: I’m a huge fan of one-piece anything. Bodysuits? Yes please. Rompers & jumpsuits? Oh yes. Swimsuits? HECK yes. Not only are one-pieces super easy to wear – if it’s a romper or jumpsuit you’re outfit is complete with just one piece of clothing! – they are super cute, on trend and SO flattering. One-pieces are a trend that I hope never go out of style.july3 1605.  White and blue: all summer long, my outfits have basically consisted of white and blue pieces. I’m not usually a huge fan of blue ( I don’t know why, I just don’t wear it too often! ) but this summer I have been drawn to it. Especially when paired with white. I think these two colours complement one another so well and they look so beachy together. I love the nautical feel that this outfit had, I love the contrast of the bright blue with the crisp white in this outfit and I of course love the baby blue one-piece paired with white lace shorts in this outfit.july17 20july1 50august7 27

five beach day necessities:

I love the beach but I think it’s always important to plan ahead so that you don’t get caught at the beach without something that you absolutely need. You don’t want your day at the beach to be cut short because you forgot something important.

august12 16 august12 1701.  Light-weight ( yet high in SPF ) sunscreen: as you know, I love sunscreen and protecting my skin from melanoma-causing UV rays as much as I can. BUT I HATE sunscreen as much as the next person and get mopey when I have to put it on because it’s so gross feeling. I was on the hunt for a sunscreen that would protect my skin but not leave me feeling all greasy and nasty and I found it. I had heard good things about this particular Neutrogena sunscreen so I had to give it a try and now I’ve been using it for two summers & am still loving it! It rubs in super easily and doesn’t feel greasy on the skin – plus you don’t have to wash your hands after applying it, so you KNOW it’s a good one.

02.  Big sunglasses: look chic and cute, yet be practical and protect that facial skin with big sunglasses. Honestly, I love sunglasses and the bigger the better in my opinion. I love these large oversized ones from Urban Outfitters and I also love these bow-shaped ones from Marc Jacobs. Aviators and circle sunnies are cute and all, but they really don’t protect that much of your face from the sun, so I opt for bigger ones on days that I know I’ll be at the beach ( or even outside a lot ).

03.  A good playlist: who doesn’t love laying on the beach listening to some really good music, either with headphones while laying down tanning or over a speaker while hanging out with a group of friends? I’ve been loving so many songs this summer & these ones have been on repeat lately.

04.  Swimsuit cover-up: I always have some sort of cardigan or kimono with me when I go out in the summer because you never know when you will have to run into the grocery store or if you’ll end up at a restaurant for dinner and you can’t go into either with just a swimsuit on! I carry one with me in case it rains too or the temperature drops because I get so cold so fast. I’d rather be prepared than be cranky when I am cold… being cold affects me in the way that being hungry affects people – I get so grumpy!

05.  Water: this is obvious but it is so important to stay hydrated while at the beach! I’m barely ever without a bottle of water no matter the weather or where I am, but when I’m at the beach I always make sure to pack extra. Nobody wants to deal with heat stroke, or even a bad headache because you’ve had a lack of water, ESPECIALLY not while at the beach.

five things I’m looking forward to:

I always try to look ahead and get excited about upcoming things because I like to have stuff to look forward to. I’m a planner too, so I like to have everything organized ahead of time so that I can enjoy it the most when it’s actually time to do whatever it is that I’ve been looking forward to.

01.  Fall fashion: fall fashion is a serious game changer. I LOVE it. I love layering, booties, leather jackets, chunky knits, darker colours… everything about fall fashion is a win in my books. I have a ton of fall fashion posts planned out already and I’m so excited to continue to shop for fall clothes. I always leave shopping for every season too late and end up not being able to get what I want, but this year, I’ve already started fall fashion shopping & I’m so excited about all of the stuff I’ve gotten. Are you ready for some fall fashion sneak peeks?! This mauve floral dress is perfect for fall, sequined shorts and a blouse is such a cute match, and chunky knits over dresses ( or skirts! ) just might be my fav combo for the upcoming season!august1 25 august6 51 august6 3102.  September start dates for my favourite shows: all of the best shows start up again in the fall. The ones that I am most excited for are obviously Chicago PD, Chicago Med and Chicago Fire – they all ended last season on SUCH cliffhangers! I can barely contain my excitement for these shows to start. There are so many other shows that I am excited for but mostly just for the Chicago seasons! They are always SO good.

03.  Selena Gomez in concert: well, I was supposed to go to this concert with Nicole but she is actually moving provinces the day before the concert, so I’ve convinced Daniel to come with me. I had it on my bucket list for this summer to go to a concert & I’m so excited to cross this one off! I thought that this would be one of the more difficult things on my list to actually be able to do because we don’t get many good artists on the east coast ( unless you are a country music fan )… but Selena Gomez is COMING and I couldn’t be more excited.

04.  S’mores: day 4 for me being at the beach house and I’ve yet to have s’mores. My aunt and mom were supposed to make a s’mores dip last night but it was a thousand degrees in the beach house and we didn’t want to make it any hotter so we decided to wait for tonight. I can hardly wait! I love a good old fashioned s’more and I’ll definitely be making one ( or two! ) of those – with GF graham crackers – but I’m probably going to eat my body weight in s’mores dip too.

05.  Working out / yoga: I’ve been sucking at this lately, like 100% SUCKING at it, and I am ready to get back on track. I need yoga to calm my mind, I miss running and I also miss the feeling of waking up in the morning and being sore from the day before. I’ve been eating so incredibly healthy, so I haven’t put on any weight or anything but I miss the feeling of working out. I plan on doing yoga four or five mornings a week, running a bunch and incorporating some at-home weights and HIIT workouts every once in a while, too.

five strategies for coping with anxiety:

I’ve always suffered with anxiety, but most times it’s just kind of there. Lately it’s been hard for me to tackle, but I’ve been working on it using various things and I thought I’d share them just in case you are going through the same things that I am lately. Anxiety sucks and I know that it’s not a fun thing to go through, but I like to remind myself constantly that I CAN and I WILL get through anything life throws my way, no matter how much my brain likes to panic me into thinking that I can’t.

01.  The 100-count: this is a little trick that my mom used to make me do when I was feeling nervous before a dance competition, a soccer tournament and my piano recitals. She also would encourage me to do it when I was having trouble falling asleep at night. Basically you just shut off your mind and count backwards SLOWLY from one-hundred down to zero and it honestly helps calm you down. Most times, once I reach the seventies or sixties, I have calmed down quite a bit but I keep going all the way to zero just for that extra relaxation time. I do this all the time – multiple times a day and in various situations to get my mind to stop racing or overthinking.

02.  Talking to someone: my anxiety has been at an all-time high lately and for a while, I was trying to keep it to myself and sort through it on my own ( even though those closest to me… hi Daniel, hi mom could tell and were on to me! ). After a little while of battling alone, I decided to tell my mom, Daniel, and Alexah what was up and honestly they have all been lifesavers lately. My mom even told my brother and my dad and my brother has been an absolute ANGEL helping me cope. He’s the sweetest, most thoughtful guy ( when he wants to be! ). Talking to people close to me has really helped and they can get my mind back on track when I am having a hard day.

03.  Walk it out: there’s nothing more soothing than a long walk to clear your mind especially when you walk somewhere beautiful like your favourite park or a beach! I like to walk with Daniel most of the times, and sometimes we will walk in silence… other times we’ll chat, but either way it’s nice to be out in fresh air, being active and clearing the mind. Sometimes I do like to walk alone, either on my treadmill with music playing or outdoors & people watching.august12 1 august12 3 august12 4 august12 1204.  Meditating: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – if you can use meditation ( and mantras! ) to clear your mind, you are golden. Sometimes my mind is racing far too much for me to really focus on meditating but usually after some time I can get my mind to calm and I feel so refreshed and rejuvenated afterwards. I like to play soothing music while meditating. My fav is the ‘Meditation 101’ playlist on Apple Music & I just pick a random song to start at and let it play during my practice.

05.  Treat yourself: I mentioned a few posts back that I treated myself to a chocolatey frap from Starbucks, a solo-shopping trip and a drive to the oceanfront the other night and I know deep down that I need to do this more often. I get so wrapped up in pleasing people – making time to see friends, making sure I spend enough time with Daniel and my family, resting enough, giving it my all ( or close to! ) at work and other things that I forget to treat myself. Sometimes you just need to take a few hours, or a morning / afternoon / evening / day and do something for YOU. Trust me, you’ll feel so much better after you do.

OK, this took me so long to put together, but it passed the time while it was raining out!

I’m off to shoot some outfits ( hopefully! as long as it doesn’t rain anymore ), take some other photos and probably head for a walk on the beach before dinner.

What do you guys think of this type of post? Let me know!

Happy Friday y’all,

xx julieann


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