the friday five | vol. 02

Happy Friday loves!

Today I bring you volume two of The Friday Five & I couldn’t be more excited.

I have a TON of different things to share with you today, so let’s get started right away.

the friday five


five items I always have in my purse:august26 2

01. Cream/lip balm: ok, serious – I have the WORST dry skin on my hands and my nails are always ripping and bleeding ( ew, sorry ). It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, my hands are a l w a y s beat up and hurting, so without cream on-hand, I wouldn’t be able to survive. And lip balm is a given. I absolutely hate dry lips. These two go hand-in-hand in my opinion and I’m never without them. I also keep them in my car on the chance that I’m not using a purse!

02. Book: you never know when you’re going to be super early to work, have to wait in line at an appointment or just want to take a few minutes to yourself and read over a late afternoon coffee. If I’m being honest, I don’t ALWAYS have a book in my purse – in the summer, I tend to leave them home because I’m constantly on the go and I could do with one less thing in my purse, but throughout the school year ( AKA now ) I always always always have at least one book with me at all times.

03. Headphones: who doesn’t love listening to music? I find that on the rare occasion that I take my headphones out of my purse and put them in my backpack or use them at home, I am completely lost without them the next time I reach for them in my purse and they aren’t there. I actually get really mad at myself for removing them and not putting them back. So now, I have a set of headphones that stay at home and one that rotates between my backpack and purse ( which is a dangerous thing to do! ).

04. Sunglasses: after I started wearing glasses, I find that my eyes have become SO sensitive to light. I don’t know if this is just a coincidence or if it’s actually a thing that happens, but I cannot be outside for longer than ten seconds without reaching for a pair of sunglasses. Like with my cream and lip balm, I keep sunglasses everywhere. I have two or three in my car at all times, one in my purse, a few at home… just because I’m known to forget things all the time.

05. Pen: you never know when you’re going to need a pen. I hate being in airplanes and not having one ( although it always seems to happen to me lately ), it’s the worst when you need to scribble something down and have nothing to do it with. Relying on my ‘notes’ app on my phone tends to freak me out a bit, because twice my notes have all been wiped and I’ve been unable to recover them, so I really like to stick with pen and paper when it comes to writing things down.

five reactions to bachelor in paradise ( so far! ):

01. OMG Vizzy!?: this absolutely broke my heart. I cannot believe Izzy! Sure, there’s definitely more to it than what they showed on the episode ( I mean, at least I HOPE! ) but my heart went out to Vinny last episode. He genuinely looked crushed… I didn’t watch the after show because to be real, I find all after shows for reality TV to be ridiculous, but I did follow on Twitter and he seems to still care about Izzy and wants the best for her – so I can only hope that she apologized profusely and his heart is put back together a bit.

02. Amanda and Josh are THE cutest: I have loved Josh since Andi’s season and never really was a huge fan of Andi’s so I find it hard to believe that her book is all complete truths. I still think Josh is the greatest. Amanda was my number one pick in Ben’s season – but to be honest, I wanted her as the bachelorette, not as the receiver of Ben’s final rose… So I WAS SO PUMPED when Josh and Amanda hit it off on BiP. My two favs from the last few seasons together… I am a little nervous about the previews for the next episode – they better not break up too!

03. Nick really isn’t that bad…: his little pout over Josh taking his girl again was totally unnecessary and such a Nick move, but other than that he really hasn’t been that bad this season. Pretty sure my mind is going to be changed about Nick after next week’s episodes though – the previews aren’t looking too good! But I do love a little drama, so we will see… as long as Amanda and Josh don’t break up, Nick can be Nick.

04. Grant and Lace = power couple: another couple that I have been a huge fan of this season are Grant and Lace. I honestly always liked Lace – sure she was a little crazy, but that’s alright. That’s what makes good drama, right? And to be real, I didn’t watch Jojo’s season #yaaawn so I don’t know what Grant was like on her season, but he seems really chill and great on BiP and I’m a huge fan of this couple. Again, the previews don’t look so hot for them but I’m keeping my fingers crossed… we can’t lose three good couples off of this season, can we?!

05. Carly – make up your mind!: Evan is weird AF, but honestly so is Carly. Their relationship is totally one-of-a-kind and I love it, but she needs to make up her damn mind! I feel like she’s still so wishy-washy and I’m scared that she’s going to screw him over again and turn him down. The only good thing is that Jade ( BFF ) totally is on board the Evan train, so I think that will help Carly make her final decision.

five items I am currently lusting after:august26 1

01. Adidas Superstars in white: I’ve been lusting after these for quite some time and I think I might finally just do it. They’re super cute and can be worn with basically everything… plus it’s a total throwback to my late elementary / junior high days when these shoes were all anyone wore. I may or may not have owned two pair of the Adidas Originals – one in hot pink and one in red… #thestyle

02. TOMS booties: who knew TOMS made shoes other than their classic canvas shoe? I have completely fallen in love with their booties and I just may purchase a pair – I am loving the taupe colour. The wedge looks just tall enough that it would give you some height but not too tall that it would be hard to walk in ( or make you 6 feet tall, if you’re a tall girl like me ). Plus TOMS still offers their one-for-one deal with booties, it’s not just with their canvas shoe.

03. Denim skirt: like I said in my post yesterday – give me all of the skirts this fall. I really didn’t think I was into the whole denim skirt trend, but the more I see it, the more I love it. I’m thinking about maybe buying a cheap one from Forever 21 or H&M and trying it out, & just in case I don’t feel super comfortable in it, it’s not a huge waste of a ton of money. Some of the denim skirt prices that I’ve seen have been SO high… what the heck?

04. Ripped boyfriend jeans: I live in jeans in the fall and leggings in the winter. I’ve never owned a pair of boyfriend jeans ( for no particular reason! ) but I think I may treat myself to a pair this fall. Of course the pair I buy will be ripped denim, because I barely ever buy any denim without at least one or two rips in it – it just doesn’t feel right, you know?

05. Cute laptop case: my grandpa buys all of us grandkids laptops for school and mine that he bought for me in grade twelve finally died earlier on this summer, so he was kind enough to buy me another one so I can finish up school. For some reason though, I feel like the new MacBooks aren’t made as sturdily as the old ones and I feel like this one scratches more easily and I don’t want it to damage, so not only are some laptop cases ( shells?? ) cute, they are also super practical and it seems like a legitimate investment to protect my computer while lugging it to and from school and work.

five health tips:

01. Water, water, water: I drink water like there is no tomorrow. I always feel my best when I’m drinking water a lot during the days and on days that I don’t drink as much water, I can feel it. Water has so many benefits that I’m sure you ALL know, so don’t forget to drink it!

02. Get enough sleep at night: I don’t know why people think it’s OK to stay up until 4am every night. If you go to bed at a decent hour and get enough sleep, you’ll be doing your body such good. I am such a huge fan of sleeping as much as my body needs and I barely ever get less than at LEAST seven hours sleep at night ( and it’s usually closer to eight or nine ).

03. Listen to your body: make sure you know what your body needs. It could be more sleep, less junk food, more water, less water, less caffeine, more food throughout the day. Make sure you are always in tune and know what’s going on inside.

04. Do not deprive yourself of things you want: if I’m out at a restaurant and I want a platter of chicken wings, then I’ll order it, even though I know it’s not what I SHOULD be eating on the regular. As long as you’re not treating yourself every single day then there is nothing wrong with treating yourself to something you love once in a while. I think it’s important that you don’t deprive yourself every single day, because then you could crash and go all out, eating junk food for a full day as opposed to eating a bad meal every so often.

05. Make sure your in tune with your mental health, as well as your physical: mental health so often gets overlooked but it is SO important to make sure that you take care of your mind, as well as your body. If you’re not happy or in the right state of mind, your overall health will decline. Making sure that you are doing things to make you happy and focusing on your mindset will pay off in the end.

five things I’m loving for fall in one outfit:

august6 1 august6 9august6 2 august6 3 august6 4 august6 5august6 7 august6 8 august6 10Outfit Details – Shirt: American Eagle | Skirt: Forever 21 | Shoes: Converse | Sunglasses: Urban Outfitters

01 | Black and white: my FAV colours to wear any time of the year but they just seem to pop more in fall. I love that this flannel isn’t the normal colours ( reds, blues, greens ) but is just simply black and white. It’s a classic piece and I love it.

02 | Flannels worn less casually than normal: the most common way to wear a flannel is open and loose, draped over a casual outfit, but it’s fun to pair flannels with dressier pieces and wear them in unexpected ways. I never really would’ve paired a flannel with a piece like this leather skirt before, but now that I am stepping outside my comfort zone, I am loving pairing unexpected pieces together. I can’t wait to wear flannels like this more often.

03 | Sneakers worn with more dressy outfits: another way to dress down more formal pieces ( like skirts and dresses ) is to pair sneakers with them. I love wearing my Converse with almost any outfit because they’re so casual and comfy, and they work with just about anything.

04 | Skirts: duh, my FAV thing for fall this year hands down. We’ve been through this. You know the drill, go get you some skirts.

05 | Pop of colour in all the right ways: I love the pop of colour through the shoes. I honestly don’t wear a ton of colour throughout the cooler months, but I love adding in some sort of colour when I wear black and white. These shoes add the perfect pop of fall colour in a super simple way.


OK so that’s it for this week.

What have y’all been into lately? I know this isn’t really a FAVOURITES post, but I always love to know what everyone’s been doing lately, loving lately or whatever. Tips & tricks? Things you want to purchase!? Tell me it all! I want to hear.

I hope this post finds you all happy and that you enjoy the coming weekend.

julieann x


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