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Hi loves! How are you?

I’ve been growing my hair out for a while now & this weekend, I had finally had enough. On Sunday night, I got out of the shower, brushed through my mile-long hair and asked my mom to get out her tape measurer. I wanted to know how much hair I would be able to donate.

Here’s the thing: I’ve always wanted to donate my hair, but I’ve always been scared to chop it all off. This week, I just decided to GO FOR IT & let me tell you, I’ve never felt better about a decision that I made.

Monday morning, I left class for a second and called the salon that I always go to. The receptionist said they could book an appointment for me either that night at 7PM or on Thursday evening. I quickly agreed to the appointment that night, because I knew if I didn’t there was a chance that I would back out by Thursday.

Sometimes you just got to do it in the moment.

Every time I get a hair cut, I cry. NO, seriously… every time. Except in February 2014 and last night. In February 2014, I lost my grandmother to cancer [ her third time with a different type of cancer, this one proving just too much for her aging body ]. She had always wanted me to have short hair, but I never wanted to give in and cut it. A few days after she passed away, I booked an appointment and cut it to my shoulders.

Last night, when I cut it, I knew I was donating it and I also knew how proud my grandmother would be.

Plus, it’s just hair. It’ll grow back.

For me, anyway.

Having a full head of hair is something that seems so silly to take for granted, but we do… each and every day.

When my grandmother had cancer the first time, she went through numerous rounds of chemotherapy and she ended up losing her hair. My grandfather also lost his hair at the same time ( because he was going through chemo too – toughest year of my life! ). It was different for my grandfather, because he was confident being bald. My grandmother, on the other hand, wasn’t so confident. She always had the most perfectly permed blonde hair that I had ever seen. Once it was gone, you could tell she didn’t feel like herself. So her and my mom went and she dished out the $300 for a wig. She wore that wig and she seriously ROCKED it.

You could honestly feel a difference in her attitude and her confidence levels soared.

It’s all about the little things.

& when you are quite literally fighting for your life, you deserve ALL of the things, big and little.

If my long [ 14 inches!!!! ] ponytail can make a difference in someone’s life, that is all that matters.

My hair is currently sitting in an envelope, waiting to be mailed tonight.

I am so excited to see it go.

I can only hope that someone else is as excited to see it come.

If you’re thinking about donating your hair [ & you live in Canada ] here are some must knows:


> Hair must be minimum 8 inches ( & there is no maximum! ).

> Hair must be clean & dry.

> Hair must not be swept up from the floor ( pony it before you cut it! ).

> Hair shouldn’t be bleached or dyed.

> Hair must be no more than 5% grey.


> Don’t use any additional hair products ( gel, hairspray, mousse, etc. ) before cutting; only shampoo & conditioner.

> Make sure hair is tightly tied in an elastic band so that it doesn’t fall on the floor during the cutting process.

> Make sure that the elastic band is BELOW where you want to cut it! If you cut it below the elastic band, your hair will fall on the floor ( duh, this is kind of obvious but still important! ).

> Make sure that the ponytail is a full 8 inches – they cannot/will not use donations that are shorter than 8 inches in length!

> Do not wash, style or dye the ponytail after it has been cut.

> Make sure the ponytail is perfectly dry before placing it in a sealed zip baggie.

> Sealed zip baggie must then be placed in a plastic or padded envelope.

If you’re in Canada, and want to make your donation to the Canadian Cancer Society, mail your ponytail to:

Pantene Beautiful Lengths
2-1055 Middlegate Road
Mississauga, Ontario
L4Y 3Y4

Pantene Beautiful Lengths & Canadian Cancer Society partnered in 2007 and have since had over 70,000 ponytails donated. They then make wigs and donate them to Canadian cancer banks across the country. People are then able to go and pick up a wig FOR FREE.

How beautiful is that?

Get on board & donate your hair today.

x JE

For more information, see the website here.

[ rest in paradise, G… xo I miss you everyday ]


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