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Hi babes!

I feel like I’ve been on break for forever now and really, it only just began today.

We had so many snow days back-to-back… like Friday the 10th was the first one and the only days that school was open last week were Wednesday and Friday. Friday didn’t end up actually being a school day ( for me anyway ). A 90’s club opened on Thursday night and Alexah & I went and let’s just say it was a night I will never remember, so school was not happening the next day. We had fully intended on going, but it just didn’t happen.

This week is my ‘spring’ break even though there is really nothing spring about life around here currently. The smallest snowbanks are like 3 feet tall and the path next to my house still hasn’t been plowed out yet… but hey, a break is a break!

My aunt arrived on Thursday night and we’ve seriously been go, go go all weekend – which is JUST how I like to spend my weekends.

We went to two basketball games on Friday night. It was my old university against the other local university, both women’s and men’s games.

Best game ever usually.

The girl’s team pulled through but the guy’s just couldn’t do it.

Saturday was full of shopping, brunchin’ and a hockey game that the local minor team lost in a bad way.

Sunday was my brother’s basketball game which was such a dramatic experience. The other team only had 5 players, so they had to forfeit, but the refs offered to ref it anyway. Long story short, the other team’s coach is a psychopath and went crazy, pulled his team off the floor and left in the most dramatic way ever.

My old university also played hockey on Sunday night, so duh we went. It was a win or go home game to move on to the next round of playoffs and they won ( dramatically ) in like the last 30 sec. of the game to advance to the semis.

Dramatic sports was the theme of Sunday.

On Monday evening my aunt headed home and everyone else in my family is back to normal tomorrow, but I still have another six day off… #thankdalord.

This week is deffo going to involve a lot of working out – what up BBG week 2, lazing around and doing assignments for school so I can get ahead of the game.

The first two weekends of March are ridiculously busy so I need to get all my assignments done ASAP.

Two things I wanted to touch on before I head out for lunch with Alexah…

/ plank challenge:

My mom did a week-long plank challenge last week and she loved it, like seriously loved it so much.

She’s going to try to keep doing it every day, increasing her time as much as she can without pressuring herself to hit a certain amount of time by a certain day.

Sidenote: This is the woman who can barely walk up the stairs because her knees are so bad. Bad luck, competitive figure skating and arthritis usually have her feeling so down, but planking is apparently her THING. She is such a rockstar and she totally inspired me to try to plank every single day for as long as I can. If she can do it, I can do it, too.

So does anybody want to try it with me?

If you’re interested in trying it out, all you have to do is plank every day for as long as you can. Today I hit 38 sec. and tomorrow I am challenging myself to beat it, even if only by 1 or two seconds.

You seriously feel the burn and it takes NO time. You don’t even have to put on workout clothes to do it because you don’t break ( that much of ) a sweat!

/ probiotics:

Anyone have a favourite brand?

I’ve read a lot about the different brands and I’ve tried two, but I just can’t find one that I absolutely love… Align is one that I’ve tried and I also just tried the Kirkland brand from Costco.

I do notice a difference when I take probiotics versus when I’m not taking them but I’m not completely happy with either one.

Good luck with the plank challenge if you choose to give it a go & PLZ let me know about the probiotics. I could just be going crazy, but assure me I’m not???

Wishing you all the best week ahead!

JE x


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