this & that: halloween 2015

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Just a quick lil recap today about Halloween 2015… I spent it with the people I love, doing super fun things ( <<<MOSTLY ).

My favourite part about Halloween this year was, hands down, making costumes. I love getting creative and it was especially fun to go out and search for items that I needed for my costumes instead of simply buying a packaged costume and calling it a day.

Is it bad that I am reaaaally excited for Halloween next year and I’m already thinking of things to be? Please tell me y’all do this too… It’s so fun looking at everyone’s costumes and popular costumes on your social media/Pinterest/etc and getting excited about ideas for the next year.

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We had so much fun dressing up for work!! Even though there weren’t too many of our youth dressed up, it was still fun to put on costumes and have our own little fun as leaders. Usually we’re pretty stressed but this Friday night actually felt pretty stress-free, I don’t know if this was just me or if everyone felt the same BUT I think we should have themed nights more often. Anything to wear a costume and get creative AND HAVE GOOD KIDS.

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Actual Halloween night was interesting, as I already said. We went to a house party and played way too many games of flip cup. Afterwards I played babysitter for the night ( but I didn’t mind ). Usually I’m the one needing the babysitting UGGGH. I live by the motto: #gohardorgohome.

I’m thinking that Halloween next year requires lots of movies, downtime, limited alcohol and lots of creative DIY’d costumes. The past two years have been way too insaneeee. #imgettingold

Anyway, I have some more fun fall essentials posts coming up. & I have some huuuugeeee posts about my love for lemon water, tea, sleep, coconut oil and exfoliating coming up. PLUS some fun new fashion posts soon. YAY.

I’m off to watch basketball and hang out with my dad AKA fall asleep. <<<< sidenote: OBSESSED with basketball ( basically just DeMarre Carroll though, you know what it is ).

Goodnight! xx/julieann

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