this & that: one of those days

[ obsessed with this suede skirt from F21… really wish it wasn’t $50 ]

I really don’t want my blog to be this to be a whiney/negative/annoying place but today I just need to be real. This week has been one of those weeks. Like everything has been so extreme. I’m either super happy and bouncing off the walls, or I’m quite literally laying in my bed crying ( OVER NOTHING ), forcing myself to get up and do shit. This doesn’t happen THAT often to me but it just seems to happen once in a while and when it hits me, it hits me hard. And I’m a hot damn mess.

I have never slept so much as I did this past week. Yesterday I had a two hour nap… but it wasn’t like I didn’t sleep the night before. I slept for 11 hours. and last night, after the two hour nap, I slept for another 11.5 hours. I just figured I needed sleep so I wouldn’t kill somebody. Today I woke up and I had it in my head that I was gonna have a good day. I wasn’t going to let anything get me down because I am just over feeling like this. But then the day from hell started. <<<< a bit way too dramatic but see, EXTREME.

Some people get winter blues ( you know when you’re extremely moody in the winter, everything either sucks or its great, there’s no in between ), some people get Sunday blues ( this is a legit thing, I promise. Sundays suck ), well I seem to get the weekly blues every once in a while. And it’s rough. There’s always one nasty ass day that really gets me down. And TODAY was that day.

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[ picking out the perfect pumpkin to carve. I attempted a sugar skull… it was rough ]

I woke up and checked all of my social media as usual. On Twitter, there were still some bangwagon Blue Jays fans ( if you don’t live in Canada then you don’t know how annoying this last MLB season was ). This pissed me off, so I exited out of Twitter. I went on Facebook and saw someone complaining about drivers always hitting pedestrians. This really grinds my gears in general. The road is FOR CARS. If you’re gonna be a dummy as a pedestrian then like, sorry not sorry if you get hit. A car weighs a million more pounds than you do, so smarten up and look both ways before you cross the street. I got off FB right quick after reading this post. Then I went on Timehop. BIIIIIG mistake. I tweeted last year about being pissed off about something ( I forget what it was now because I’ve blocked it from my mind ) and I instantly got pissed again. I had been awake for approximately 15 minutes and I was on cry #1 of the morning, all because of how frustrated I got reading social media. <<<<<< see, first example of having no real reason as to why I had one of those days. I’m tired of seeing annoying shit on my social media feeds so I’ve deleted Timehop, buhbyeeee and am quickly deleting annoying people off my other social media apps.

Then I got up and there was no toilet paper. THIS really pisses me off. It takes two seconds to grab a new roll of toilet paper so that the next person isn’t STUCK ON THE TOILET. It didn’t help that I was home alone ( if this is TMI then you can click the X right up in the corner ) so I sat and cried. <<< why did I cry? I don’t know.

After the no toilet paper incident, I decided that I was gonna make some eggs and apple juice for breakfast. I put 3 honey crisp apples in my blender, squeezed a little lemon juice ( I read that this counteracts the bitterness(?) of apples, so I did it ) and then I clicked the “juice” button. Weeeellll the blender just got really loud and nothing was happening. It crushed up the apples a little bit but it wasn’t making it juicy, ya know? SOOO you guessed it, I cried. I embarrassingly realized the step-by-step guide I found on Google said to add 1/2 cup of water to aid in the blending of the apples but I must have blacked out when reading step no. 3…. AKA the most important step. So I wiped my tears, added the water and viola, I had apple juice for breakfast ( and eggs – I cooked these through my tears #baby ).

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[ I really wanted to be trendy and like kombucha but it makes me nausuous… I don’t know how people drink this stuff, it’s nasty #honesttruth ]Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset
[ 3 honey crisp apples, 1/2 cup of water, 2 squeezes of lemon = apple juice BUT DON’T FORGET THE WATER!! ]Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset
[ pizza date after we watched the sunset ]

Breakfast was great and then I started picking fights with everybody. You know when someone texts you and they don’t use an obnoxious amount of “!!!” or emojis and you think they’re mad at you. Well that was me today. I sincerely apologize to everyone, mainy my bf ( SORRY! ) who I got mad at today. I even asked my mom if she still loved me because she texted me “kk”… side note: she always does this and it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love me. I just felt like it today. #moody

I planned on going to a coffee shop to get homework/work stuff/blog stuff done today and I wanted to leave my house at 11:30… 12:30 came along and I was finally just dragging my ass out of the house. I really had quite the pity party for myself this morning. I usually wear makeup ( because it’s fun to put on. I love my skin care routine almost as much as I love my makeup routine ) but I didn’t even put it on. I wanted to wear this long sleeve shirt that is super comfy but I couldnt find it. So I cried. <<<< cry session #4 if you’re not keeping track.

Then I drove to my bf’s house, put on TSwift while I was driving ( MISTAKE ) and had another cry session. Thank god for sunglasses people. I was a hot damn mess while driving. Then I finally pulled it together and realized there was a cop behind me and I hadn’t slowed down to 50 km/hr… I was still going 80 and hadn’t realized I passed the sign. Soooo I slammed on my brakes and you guessed it, cried again. <<< are you laughing at me yet? I didn’t even get pulled over but I cried anyway.

I texted my bf to tell him I was at his house ( remember when we actually had to knock on people’s doors to tell them that we were at their house? #throwbackWednesday? ) and realized I had a text from my ex-bestie-turned-psyhopath/was-always-a-psychopath-but-i-loved-her-anyway. She has texted me every day since Saturday acting like nothing happened. I’m not one to hold a huge grudge but you can’t treat your best friend like shit, forget about her for almost 2 months and then expect everything to be perfect. I cried again ( #7 ) and replied. She wants to talk in 2 weeks when she’s home… ok cool, but then she put on Facebook about an hour later that her “friends from home don’t matter anymore”. That was nice to read… So I went to the bathroom AKA cried some more because hello rude much.

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[ it’s so relaxing to get organized, plus sticky notes make it fun ]IMG_9268
[ obsessed with my new photo editing program ]

The rest of my day actually went smoothly. I got so much homework done. Work was fine, minus the crazies AKA the kids I teach dance to were IN-freakin-SANE ( hello, full moon + Halloween. Seriously feel for all the parents out there this weekend ) but I feel like I embraced it. I actually laughed until I cried ( happy tears!!! ) because my first group of 4 and 5 year olds were dancing and screaming the lyrics to Ghostbusters and it was so dang cute!! I ate peanut butter tonight, 2 scoops of it to be exact because there’s nothing I love more than PB and I needed some comfort food tonight.

I am going to end this day on a happy note and wake up tomorrow and tackle Thursday! I have always loved Thursdays and I usually always have good days ( I don’t know why, but Thursdays are almost always a good day ). I’m planning on skipping class #sorrynotsorry and making a Halloween costume then going to my mom’s classroom to eat way too many Halloween treats and party with her 5 year olds all day. She said something about a dance party – talk about stress relief. She actually cried when I said I was planning on going in to her classroom ( out of relief! ) because I guess her week has been just as brutal as mine.

I really feel like I MEGA over-shared in this post but I’m just being real. Every day isn’t always great. I really had nothing to post today because I’m just still feeling #overit. I mean sometimes you cry 8 times in one day BUT as TSwift says SHAKE IT OFF and tomorrow will be better ( hopefully, cause gaaddamn I can’t handle being a blubbering hot mess again ). I really feel semi-pathetic/whiney/insane looking back on this day but it is what it is. Please tell me you guys cry over stupid shit like this too? These days can’t just happen to me… It’s not just me right?

Please don’t think I’m a psycho brat.

Because I’m not ( not usually anyway HA ).

julieann xx

[ the best donuts in the world ]IMG_9111[ when you’ve never had a bed… ok, I have. But it was old and rickety and my grandparents literally got it when they found it floating down a river ( not even joking ), getting a new bed is the most exciting thing ]


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