throwback: cuba 2013 | blogmas day 4

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So I had a fun post planned out for today because I GOT MY CAMERA and I was so excited to take pictures and have a Chrirstmassy post up for today but then I got hit by the stomach flu bug last night and I’ve been in bed all day.

I wanted to get a post up, so I decided to do another throwback travel post to Cuba 2013 this time. This trip was soo fun! We went with a ton of people we knew, it was like we took over the resort and we had so much fun!

I will let you enjoy these pictures. Honestly, if you ever get a chance to go to Cuba, do it! It’s my favourite place I’ve ever been. Don’t go to a resort lower than a 4-star though… things can get a little sketchy! We stayed at the Memories Flamenco Resort in Cayo Coco this time around and it was beautiful! The staff were all so nice, the rooms were clean, the beds were comfy and the food was good.

I’m off to sleep some more. Boooo for this time of year + flus + colds.

xo julieann

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