transitional fall floral dress

august1 21 august1 22 august1 23 august1 24 august1 26 august1 27 august1 28 august1 29 august1 30 august1 31 august1 32 august1 33Outfit Details – Dress: Forever 21 | Bralette: Urban Outfitters | Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs c/o Marshalls ( last year’s collab, not available online ) | Booties: Payless ShoeSource ( not available online )


Hello my loves.

Today’s post finds me wearing my absolute FAV dress that I own right now. I had spotted this dress on the F21 website and had fallen in love with the colour and the print and then when I saw it in store ( in my size.. & the ONLY one left! ) I knew I had to try it on. When I tried it on I fell even more in love – as if that’s possible – and have worn it three times since I purchased it.

& I’ve only owned it for like two weeks and for eight of those fourteen days I was at the beach house and NOT wearing pieces like this dress. So that’s saying something.

I heart this dress.

The front is REALLY low – like so low a bralette basically falls out and exposes you if you’re not careful but it also ties really cutely in the back so if you tie it at the right tightness, it holds everything in place.

No accidental bralette slippage, ya feel.

This dress is also pretty light weight and the sleeves are elasticated at the bottoms, so if it gets too warm you can push them up and bonus – it still looks cute.

I didn’t wear a choker on this particular day but the other day I wore this exact outfit to brunch with my bestie, BF and her BF and I wore a black choker paired with a three-tiered gold chain necklace and I LOVED the look of it. I also had it paired with a pair of strappy taupe sandals because it’s still sooo dang hot out here & it still looked cute / fall inspired.


I thought this dress was the most perfect piece for this time of year.

In my perfect world I would be curled up in chunky knit sweaters, booties and tights right now, but I know that that’s not realistic with it still being +27 degrees outside… So I have opted for pieces like this dress that feel a little more fall-esque feel without being overly warm and having me be totally overdressed for the actual weather outside.

PLUS when it actually does get cold out, how cute will this dress look with some sheer black tights and a black leather jacket thrown over top? And with a cute black floppy hat to top it all off? Ohh I can see it now!

Anyway – there will be a ton more content coming up around pre-fall & fall fashion because guys, I am so obsessed with fall, it is unreal.

I started theintimatebrunette last year in October and basically LIVED for fall fashion posts, so it’s only fair that I do it all again this year, right?

Are you guys super excited for fall like me? Or are you dreading it like a lot of others around me? My BF has been counting down the days until “jeans & hoodie” season as he likes to call it since our first hot day of the summer ( like two months ago LOL )…

Off to catch some z’s again,

julieann x


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