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Life lately has been a lot of work and not a lot of play. I recently booked a trip to Cuba for the end of April with my bf, my bff and a few others and I am pretty much SO STOKED to go already. Booking a trip to the beach in the end of winter / beginning of spring ( ANY TIME REALLY, let’s be real ) can be a little nerve-wracking though because A) you’re in a bathing suit all week, and B) it’s just been Thanksgiving, Christmas, winter break, crappy weather and let’s be real again, I slack so hard on my workouts in the winter. And the winter calls for starchy, yummy, calorie-laden foods that don’t help with that bikini bod.

I’ve been getting back on track school wise, blog wise, health wise & attempting to work wise, but it’s hard work. I am a work in progress, slipping up some days and killing others.

Life Updates:

School wise: this is boring, but I’m trying to actually read for my classes. Like I graduated with my undergrad without cracking a textbook & it was fine. I did really, really well and understood everything but lemme tell ya, English is a totally different ballgame and it’s kicking my ass. Actually reading the novels is really paying off though so I’m making it a point to read each & every one. Also, I’m trying to not leave things until the last minute #procrastinationqueen and it’s really paying off as well. I’m getting decent marks on my English assignments which will help me in the long run.

Blog wise: I’ve made some changes around here again. I want to start incorporating a TON of food and health / wellness realted stuff because I love researching it, trying new things and recapping it. It’s fun to do and fun to read, plus it can get super creative in all aspects. I really love writing so I’m spending more time on my blogs and really pouring my heart into them all. I love having an outlet and my corner of the internet is one of my favourite things!

Health wise: I guess this ties in blog wise! Wanting to blog about healthy recipes, wellness and fitness is really giving me that extra motivation to work out and eat yummy meals! I’ve always been fairly fit but I definitely lose myself every once in a while and it’s generally from December – March… I am for sure not a winter person at all ( BUT I love the snow so much! It’s weird… ). I am making it a point to go out and enjoy the nice days. The other day it was 6 celsius outside which is IN-freakin-SANE for my city in February so even though I was having a lazy day, I made my boyfriend come for a walk with me & I loved every minute of it. I’ve also been pushing myself to work out 3-4 days a week which may not seem like a lot for some people, but I need to ease my way into it again or I’ll just give up. My abs actually hurt when I laughed / coughed yesterday so I am doing something right! Making time to work out is really hard becaue I’d rather sleep ( AGAIN, UGH WINTER BLUES GO AWAY ) but waking up earlier and working out for 45 minutes – 1 hour makes all the difference in my mood for the day. Plus I got Cuba on my mind & that’s perfect motivation to get my ass up and move!

Work wise: this is a tough one. I am currently working 3 jobs and it’s hard to put my all into each one. They are all great jobs, but hard work at the same time. I do a lunch program, afterschool program and run a youth program / recreation dance programs at my local rec centre. I love working with kids but working 11-5 or 11-9 with kids is EXHAUSTING and it get frustrating / annoying at times and I feel myself becoming disengaged and it sucks. I am trying to give my all to each job I work, each day. It’s a work in progress but work is actually fun when I let it be!

Workout Updates:

I’ve been following the Tone It Up workouts on and off for about 5 years. Lately I’ve been focusing on the arms, abs and yoga routines that they have for free on their website. I loveeeee them and I think they are super good workouts when you do them all. Sometimes the moves seem easy but if you up the reps or your weights it’s definitely a nice workout, especially for an at-home one!

I like to get out for a walk when I can and make sure I am moving when I’m at work, even if it’s just walking around the centre or actually dancing with my kids. My Fitbit has been my BFF since I got it for Christmas ( Fitbit love post coming soon! ) and I try to aim for 8,000-10,000 steps per day – most days I succeed! Yesterday I hit 14,289… ASK ME HOW EXCITED I WAS. <<< barely excited at all………. barely……. I really need to get my treadmill down and running again. Imagine the steps I’ll have then! Walking is totallllyyyy underrated. I love it big time.


I’ve been eating pretty clean and green lately. Also lots of seeds and nuts. Gluten free almost 100%, even no cookies! I am trying new recipes and eating tonnnnssss of fresh fruits and veggies. SO much kale, I think I might turn into a kale leaf ( no, seriously! ) & I’ve been cutting back on how much meat I’ve been eating. I am not planning on or have any intentions on becoming a vegetarian / vegan ( sorry, but I LOVE chicken wings wayyyy too much ) but I know when I eat less meat I feel better, lighter and less bloated. I still eat chicken quite often as that’s basically all my mom can cook – sorry mama & I really don’t like beef or pork anyway. And fish is just a NO around here *insert girl crossing her arms emoji here* no way, Jose.

I’ve also been trying to eat 3 meals with 2 small snacks in between, but I’m really bad at timing my meals so this is a work in progress too! I’ve also been following the ‘no snacking after dinner’ rule. Brushing my teeth about an hour after I’ve eaten dinner really helps with this! I’m the worst for coming home from work at 9:30 pm and snacking! It’s so bad! I’m not even that hungry… so I’ve been turning to tea! Dandelion tea and chamomile tea ( uncaffeinated! ) are my go-to’s.


& now for the fun part…

A super complex recipe! JK. I don’t do complex recipes. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

My Favourite Trail Mix AKA Bird Food ( According to my BF ):

feb18 1

Okay ready?

I took 1/2 cup of:

– peanuts
– pumpkin seeds
– dried blueberries ( OMG YUM, have you ever tried these?! I die )
– cashews
– raisins
– peanut butter granola

& then added a few pieces of broken:

– dark chocolate and almond Barkthins

I layered them really cute in a mason jar ( for the picture ) then rolled the jar around – don’t shake it or you’ll have dust mix ( hahaha I’m so overtired, this made me LOL for real ). I wanted them all mixed together so I’d get a mixture when I poured out a bowl or took a handful to eat.

>>>> side note: make sure you look at the type of nuts and seeds you buy. Lots have salt and oils put on them but I like the raw ones with no oils / salts / uncooked / plain / boring ones. Less salts and oils = better for you! Plus I’ve read a lot about soybean oil ( which is what almost all of the cooked nuts were cooked in at the store I was at ) & it’s not pretty what I’ve read. Totally do your own research and it’s up to you what you put in your body, but I love the raw ones so that’s what I eat! Also for the dried berries, again they can be preserved in like sugars and stuff and have syrups added. Make sure you get the fruit only ones! My dried blueberries are JUST blueberries! No other ingredients.

I had about 3/4 of a cup of this today with some berries for a late lunch / snack and it was SO good. I was really bad for my meal times today and ate a really late breakfast so I wasn’t hungry for lunch so I had this for a little snack about 2 hours before supper. Which ended up making my supper small and later than I’d like it. I’m a work in progress, I tell ya.

Is there anything else I should add to my trail mix? I am on a hunt for goji berries but I swear they don’t sell them around here! 

feb18 2


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