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Hi hi! Happy October 1!

It’s the ( second ) best day of the year, other than Christmas because really… who doesn’t love Christmas?!

Today’s post takes us back to last weekend when my mom suggested that we go to the Cheese House that we went to last fall, and then we stopped for apples, fresh produce, homemade bread ( omg! I wanted to eat it all SO bad ), peanut butter cookies and soft serve ice cream too.

I love apple picking and visiting the valley in the fall. It’s one of my favourite places because everywhere is so welcoming and super autumnal.

We usually go apple picking and all of the other various things over Thanksgiving weekend, but this year we’re doing something a bit different for Thanksgiving weekend and won’t be able to keep up our usual tradition. When my mom suggested the cheese house last weekend, I couldn’t say ‘yes’ fast enough!

I’m going to try to start something for October. Last year I blogged every. single. day. up until Christmas – Blogmas and it was SO fun. I even kept it up while I had the stomach flu #dedication because I love these seasonal months that much.

I want to do Blogmas again this year, but I also want to try to do a post each day in October – Blogtober.

These months are so fun – fashion, activity, holiday, seasonally, so I just can’t resist trying this out.

I’m also going to try to be a TON more active on Instagram. I find that lately I just post on there when I’m promoting a new blog post, but I want to post other pictures, too. And I’m going to be ALL over your Twitter timeline with Tweetober ( OMG, I seriously can’t resist these things )…

So you should all follow along & join me!

I’m off to finish my PSL frapp ( ugh I caved ) and beg Daniel to go out for dinner.

xx JE


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