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So recently I posted about the things I do in December to make Christmas last for a month and one of the things I mentioned was “praying for a snowy Christmas”.

Let me tell you.

I’ve seriously been doing this every morning, every night, randomly throughout the day.

But not just praying for snow on Christmas. Praying for a nice, white winter.

I am so ready for winter.

Not a winter like we had last year, where we had snow storms every week that shut the city down and ice that was inches thick coating cars, houses, roads, etc.

Just a nice winter that is cold, but not too cold, snowy, but not too snowy.

I think that might be too much to ask for… but that’s OK.

I will hold out hope for a nice, dusty snowy winter. <<< dusty snow makes sense right? Like snow that is light and fluffy, covers the ground but doesn’t bring out all of the idiot drivers, plow drivers that suck at their job, school closures that make for graduating university seem impossible, and roads that are one lane less wide ( last winter was a nightmare, seriously, I don’t even know why I want snow after winter 2015… ).

Let me make this clear – I’m praying for snow and no ice. Ice sucks.

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I want to wear my winter jackets and mittens and hats and scarves.

I want to be cold when I go outside and for snow to be lightly falling.

Maybe I’m alone in this… but I can’t wait for it to be a winter wonderland outside. MINUS THE DAMN ICE.

I honestly don’t feel as though it is December outside because you can walk outside in a light sweater or cardigan and not freeze. I mean sure it’s chilly, but it’s usually FREEZING by now. I’m worried that mother nature hit us too hard with winter last year and she’s forgotten us this year.

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I’m sure by our first huge snow storm, I’ll be over it and want it to be summer…

Driving in the winter is terrifying and sometimes the weather gets me down…

But for now I’m not so patiently waiting for that first dusting of snow.

XO julieann

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