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Hello my loves. When I was away in Cuba, we met for breakfast every day at 8 am because we all decided that we didn’t want to waste away our days by sleeping in until noon and also, if you’ve ever been to Cuba you know that breakfast is BY FAR the best meal of the day. I mean freshly made omelettes from the omelette bar, pineapple, crispy hashbrowns and bacon that actually looks & tastes like it should ( not that I ate it often but from what everyone else was saying, it was delicious ).

One day, Alexah, Hannah and I even set our alarms for the ungodly hour of 5 am to wake up and watch the sunrise. And although we didn’t get to actually watch the sunrise ( it was taking FOREVER & we were being eaten alive by these nasty little sand flea type bugs – I’m getting itchy just writing about this… ), we were successful in waking up and hitting the beach at 6 am. Even though we ditched out early. >>>> the above picture is the sun sloooowly rising over the coast of the beach. I mean it really was pretty even when it hadn’t fully rose. I’m glad we tried to see it!

When I got back from Cuba, I wanted to stay on track and wake up fairly early, get my sleep schedule back on track and be productive in the mornings. I’ve always been a morning person & so NOT a night person. Like ask me to do something after 9 pm and it’ll basically be a write-off. It will not get done well ( if at all ) & I’ll end up having to re-do it the next day.

The first two weeks after I got back from Cuba, I was feeling so refreshed and radiating good vibes that waking up early wasn’t hard at all. My body just woke up between 7 and 8 am every day before my alarm went off at 8. I didn’t struggle to get out of bed one bit.

But recently, waking up early has been a struggle and setting my alarm for 8 was proving to be a daunting task. I would wake up at some point every morning and turn my alarm off / re-set it for 9:15 ( or later ). It’s SO BAD but I don’t even remember doing this. I was definitely doing it in my sleep, I’m sure of it.

Last week, on Monday, I set my alarm for 9:15. I woke up no problem ( actually I woke up before my alarm went off which was great ). On Tuesday, I set my alarm for 8:45 and woke up fine. 8:15 on Wednesday, 7:45 on Thursday and then on Friday ( my birthday ) I decided that I was going to allow myself to sleep in and set my alarm for 8:45, instead of 7:15 like I had intended to. To my surprise, my body woke up at 7:45 and was ready to go for the day. On Friday, I allowed myself to lay in bed until 8:30 as a treat and then got up and got ready for the day.

And now every day since then, I’ve been awake around 7:45 and it feels great. I feel so much more productive, I get shit done in the morning or if I’m being honest, I have extra time to chill out and get caught up on The Bachelorette before work while obsessively doing crunches and squats.

>> Side note: anybody else a Bachelor / Bachelorette / Bachelor Pad ( PETITION TO BRING THIS SHOW BACK! ) / Bachelor in Paradise fan? I have been obsessed for years now & I feel like every season just gets better. It’s SUCH a hot mess… I mean, how many drunk guys were in Monday’s episode? I seriously felt for poor Jojo( jo ) HA. St. Nick’s jokes killed me… I’m so excited to watch this trainwreck of a season & also I will be praying that Jojo finds love. She’s my fav! Anyone with me?! << 

So anyway, back to the point of this post.

Waking up early kind of rocks & I’m totally in to it.

Some of the tips and tricks that I’ve used to help me get into the habit of waking up early are:

001.  Never snooze. Seriously. Never do this. I don’t know why someone invented snooze buttons because they are the devil. One minute your alarm is going off at 7:15 am and then next minute it’s 9:00 and you have exactly 20 minutes to eat breakfat, get dressed, brush your teeth and get to your morning meeting.

002.  Work at it gradually. If you’re like me, then it’s really hard to just set your alarm for 6 am and wake up, if you’ve been waking up 2-3 ( or more! Eeekk ) hours later than that on the regular. Try my little trick of setting your alarm 30 minutes earlier each day and you’ll get to where you want to be in no time. I’ve read a ton of tricks online to wake up earlier, and a lot suggest doing 1-2 minutes a day, every day for a few months, but I’m a “all or nothing” kind of girl and I wanted to reach my goal as soon as I could, but still realistically. 30 minutes worked for me. Find what works for you & DO IT.

003.  Have something to do first thing in the morning to make you WANT to wake up early. Whether this is going for a run, meditating, stretching or enjoying some QT with a good book ( maybe even catching up on The Bachelorette or Chicago Med ), having something to do first thing in the morning is key. Some days when I have a meeting at 9 am, or I have a doctors appointment bright and early – because who likes waiting all day to go get poked & proded by your doc?! – I set my alarm for a few minutes earlier, so that I can still do something for me. Whether that’s pop by Starbucks on my way or catch up on my favourite blogs, I make a plan of what I want to do for me first thing in the morning and it helps me to wake up earlier.

004.  Get to sleep earlier than usual if you need to. There are going to be days that waking up early completely exhausts you, so if you need to – go to bed earlier that night! It’s not going to be the end of the world if you only read one chapter of your book, if you skip your nightly stretching routine one time or if you don’t stalk your favs on Instagram for an extra 45 minutes in bed that night. I encourage you to go to sleep earlier at night, rather than waking up later in the morning because this might ruin all of your hard work of waking up earlier on the regular. Sleeping early is actually cool, even if you didn’t believe it was when you were 16. ; )

005.  Plan ahead for tomorrow. If you know you have a meeting bright and early, set your clothes out the night before ( you know, like your mom used to when you were in elementary school ), prepare your food for the day the night before, and figure out the times of where you need to be the next day ahead of time so you’re not scrambling first thing in the morning – before your coffee kicks in.

006.  Keep at it. Even if you’re SO tired and getting discouraged at how hard it still may be to wake up early, it’s important to stick with it. Maybe one day you repeat the time that you wake up, but never give in and sleep in for a longer period of time. If you want to become successful in waking up early, you have to keep at it. It will get easier. You will become adapted to this change. Just like every big change you make in life, it’s hard at first, but you get used to it and it really pays off in the end.

007.  Eat breakfast & drink tea or coffee. Breakfast has always been my favourite meal of the day. I’m not a person that can skip it and if I do, I get seriously cranky. Some of my favourite breakfasts include an avocado and egg breakfast sandwich on a GF English muffin, peanut butter granola and a glass of green juice, or a veggie smoothie with some plant-based protein powder. I’ve also always been a huge fan of tea – green and dandelion root are my favs! – but lately I’ve jumped on the coffee train. Only iced coffee, but still. It’s yummy and definitely wakes me up. I love a venti iced coffee with just milk from Starbucks on the days that I need a good jump start.

008.  Just get UP. This goes hand-in-hand with my ‘say-no-to-the-snooze-button’ rule. If you wake up at 7:15 but lay in bed, tossing and turning, scrolling through Twitter and being lazy, it totally defeats the purpose of waking up early. I used to do this all the time. I thought I was being so good waking up early, but then I would still waste my morning by laying in bed for hours. Now, when my alarm goes off ( or even before my alarm goes off, if that’s when I wake up! ), I get out of bed and start doing stuff. Even if I want to scroll Twitter before being productive, I try to move to the couch or kitchen table to do this so I’m not being sucked in to staying in bed.

009.  Stay focused on your goals. By keeping your goals in mind, you have extra motivation to wake up and be productive. Some of my goals include working on my blog, starting to run again, preparing food for the day so I don’t succumb to a life of Subway for lunch and a bag of Crispy Minis for supper ( again, ugh regrets ) and enjoying the outdoors. If I wake up early enough, I have time to do all of this before I even have to get ready for work, AND I still have time to get caught up on my tv shows from the night before – because you know, I went to bed early and all!

010.  Move, sweat, be active. I’m not saying that you need to hit the gym for 2 hours, go on a 10k run or go to an hour long class of hot yoga every single morning, but by getting up and doing something active, getting your heart rate up and sweating, you’ve started your day off right. I always feel better if I do something active in the morning. Some days this might be a 20 minutes stretch session and other days it may be an hour long run PLUS an ab workout – but hey, at least I did something.

What are your thoughts? Do you love waking up early and being productive, or are you a snooze button aficionado?  Do you have any tips & tricks that work for you? Let me know and also comment below if you try something that I’ve suggested – I especially love the 30 minute waking up early interval ( as you can probably tell ). 


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