we’re -almost- halfway there, so let’s check-in

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Can you believe that we’re one week in to June / approaching the HALF WAY POINT OF 2016?! Do you ever just sit there and think ‘where the F has time gone?’ because that’s been me since I got back from vacation. I feel like time was creepin’ along really slowly until the end of April & all of a sudden I blinked and we’re 1/4 of the way through JUNE. JUNE, people… I’m seriously having trouble comprehending this.

So anyway, since we’re almost halfway done 2016, I thought what better time than to check-in on my goals that I set in January, re-evaluate, check some things off and maybe add some new goals for the end of the year… If you remember back in January, I talked about how for 2016 I wanted to focus on making HEALTHY HABITS and incorporating these into my life at all times, instead of setting structured goals ( or resolutions ).

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A few of my healthy habits revolved around doing more:
> Eat more healthy, green, lean, clean and try new things.
> Drink more teas, water and less sugary drinks.
> Love more fully, respect more greatly and treat myself how I should be treated.

Some were focused on structure:
> Work smarter and stop being such a procrastinator.
> Stick to a routine so I am more efficient and stay consistent in what I do.

And then I had some cliché, YET still extremely important ones:
> Believe in myself and perservere.
> Surrounding myself with positivity and good vibes.
> Focus and be smart when working.
> Live in the moment and stop over-thinking.
> Make it happen, don’t sit around and wait, create what I want for myself.

So far, during the first half of 2016, I feel as though I’ve really focused on me and done things for ME. All of my healthy habits worked on bettering myself – being healthier, loving myself, and getting out there and getting things done. I feel as though I’ve really kicked my butt into high-gear this year and have stuck with most of my habits really well.

Sure, I ended up falling off track with eating a bit and ended up following the Ideal Protein Protocol but quickly got back on track after that. I still procrastinated but not to the extent that I had been. I don’t always believe in myself or live in the moment, but I am trying my best.

For the rest of the year, I want to amp it up and really finish 2016 out strong. After looking over my list of healthy habits for 2016, I realize that I do want re-evaluate a bit and create some new habits ( goals ). So in addition to my list from January, I also want to add a few more:

> Move more, move every single day.
> Eat more NEW foods.
> Write more, photograph more, create more.
> Do more yoga.
> Cut out the negativity ( for real, for real ).
> See more, do more, be more.
> Travel more, even if it’s just around my province.
> Connect more.

The fun thing about goals and creating healthy habits is you choose what you want to do. Also – the chances are you are already doing what you are aiming to do, you just need to be more consistent and focused. I write a lot, I take a lot of pictures, I do yoga a couple times a week, and I’ve started to cut out negativity, BUT I just want to focus on these things and do them more.

How are your goals for 2016 going? I love creating habits and setting goals! 

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