what i ate wednesday // #1

Hey, hey! How the heck is it Wednesday already!? Seriously this week is FLYING by. Before we know it it’ll be the weekend again & then the weekend will be over and we’ll be saying “how the heck is it Wednesday already?” again! I don’t know about you, but like I said this year is FLYING and all of the weeks feel so short.

First things first: a quick background on the way I eat and live my life.

I don’t want to share what I ate without any background because I think it’s important to not BASE YOUR EATING off of someone else’s. I eat for my body, I eat for my way of living and I eat the food that I know my body needs / loves based on what I’ve learned from doing so. Make sure that your eating the foods that you know your body needs and nourishing your body when it needs to be nourished, and treating yourself when you are in need of a treat ( as long as it’s not every single day, you’ll be alright! ).

> I’ve felt like I’m in need of a “cleanse” or a “reset” lately because my eating has been so up & down and my stomach has felt so OFF so that’s how I’ve been trying to eat since Sunday. Nice clean and colourful meals, lots of fruits and veggies and protein. Protein is key for me since I really don’t eat a ton of it as I’ve said before.

> I’m trying to be 110% gluten free because most of the time I’m like a 95-98% when it comes to being GF but I know my stomach reacts better and loves life more if I eat COMPLETELY GF – so I’m trying to be good to myself and do this for real.

> Working out makes me HANGRY. Like so so so hungry / cranky & when I’m hungry, I need to nourish & fuel my body. Also – I always feel like I need a ton of food, so I try to trick myself into thinking I’m eating a ton of food by giving myself a VARIETY of things at each mealtime / snacktime. I snack a lot, like a lot a lot. It’s bad but I don’t eat huge meals. I’ve always been more of a “eat when I’m hungry” and “eat often” kind of girl and it works for me.

> I don’t count calories. I don’t follow any strict diet plans ( other than being GF and I don’t do that for fun – trusttttt me ). I don’t follow a specific workout routine because I get so tired and bored of workouts so quick that if I force myself to follow a workout routine, I’ll slack off big time purely out of intense boredom and then I won’t workout. I like to stay active in a variety of ways throughout the day and I believe that moving often is just as important and effective ( for me! ) as having a strict workout routine.

> I take a ton of vitamins. I know it is super important to “eat your vitamins” as opposed to taking daily supplements but I’ve been to my family doctor countless times, have had bloodwork done and have done my research on vitamins and choose to take them IN ADDITION to eating a ton of enriching foods and getting goodness through my food choices, too.

> I drink a TON of water every day. I’ve always been good at drinking lots of water during the day, but after following the Ideal Protein Protocol, I realized just how important water is to help your body in SO many ways and now I drink even more. Yes, I know you can actually consume too much water in a day ( weird, right? ) but I make sure I don’t. I know my limits and I just love water.

> Obviously not every day looks like this, but on this particular day, I ate to fuel my body and made healthy choices ( for the most part! ). This is what a typical day looks like for me, but obviously I don’t eat the exact same thing every single day because how boring would that be!? I’m going to do these posts more often and give you a real look at how I eat because I think it’s super fun and you can get new food inspiration from these type of posts. WIAW posts are some of my favourite to read and I hope you enjoy them, too!



I worked out this morning, so I was SUPER hungry. If I hadn’t worked out, I definitely wouldn’t have eaten this much food but I pretended my basement was SoulCycle on this particular day, and then followed it up with a Tone It Up ab routine so I needed some good + nourishing food. On this day I ate 2 slices of turkey bacon – obsessed, a GF english muffin with butter and some fresh fruit ( red grapes, the best blackberries I have ever tasted & raspberries ). I also had orange juice that had kale and spinach in it YUM & I was on my second bottle of water of the day. I drank one before / during my workout, prior to eating breakfast.


13346863_645639345593350_3286353693112768338_n>>> clearly I’m still a little awkward taking pictures in public alone – worst pic ever!

I headed to Starbucks after I ate breakfast, and settled down for the morning with the biggest iced coffee I could order & another bottle of water. I almost always order a venti iced coffee with skim milk + no sweetener – it’s definitely my go-to. On the odd day where I’m feeling like treating myself I’ll order the same thing but with a pump of caramel sweetener ( but I don’t like to have sweetener THAT often, usually only once a week ).



I was feeling particularly hungry at lunch time – I tell ya, when I work out I need to eat. Like I mentioned above, I like to have a variety of things to eat per meal so for lunch on this day, I put together a bunch of things that all taste really yummy together. I’m OBSESSED with tzatziki and basically put it on everything. The tzatziki that I currently use has so many probiotics & it has protein in it ( !!! ). My favourite way to eat it is how I had it yesterday – with pretzels ( GF, of course ). I also had a few slices of herb and garlic white cheddar cheese, half of a green pepper and some baby carrots. I’m trying ( & failing, BIG TIME ) to train my body to like kombucha so I keep buying it and forcing myself to drink it and it never sits well. Something about the smell I think… but anyway, I drank this bottle and you guessed it, another bottle of water.


Not pictured: I finished the rest of my venti iced coffee. This is why I always get the biggest one! It lasts me for hours. I also drank another bottle of water at work.


>>> ugh iPhone pictures suck… forgot my camera!

For dinner, my brother and I visited my grandfather. We do this typically once a week, sometimes twice, but we can usually only get our schedules to work out for one night a week. I don’t know who’s busier – my 85 year old grandpa or me and my 16 year old brother! My grandfather lives in this amazing condo for seniors and in it is the most delicious restaurant. They have only a select few things on the menu per mealtime, so it’s sometimes slim-pickings for me as a lot of it is A) fish, or B) gluten-filled. I love when the special is steak though ( I never eat steak except like once a month as a treat at my grandpa’s!! ) & it just so happened to be the special this week. Of course I ordered that and enjoyed it with mushrooms, baked potato ( I passed on the sour cream because I’m not a fan but ordered it anyway because my brother loves it ) and a medley of cooked veggies. For dessert they had pies, but I opted for a scoop of vanilla ice cream instead… not pictured, oops! Ate it too quick. I also had a glass of OJ because EVERYONE is sick around me and I’m determined to try to stay healthy. I also had 3 glasses of water ( because they’re so small ).


I didn’t have a snack or anything in the evening. I try to avoid eating after 7pm as much as I can because I don’t like to feel super full before bed / it’s not the best to eat at night. We ate dinner pretty late this night anyway, so I wasn’t hungry or in need of more food. I did have another bottle of water before bed and that was it!

What did your food look like today? Do you have any yummy treats that I should try? XO


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