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Okay, so loves, have you ever caught the tea bug? I mean like when all you want to do is drink heavenly tea, whether it be a nice hot cuppa or a tumbler full of its equally delicious, icy counterpart? The days where you just can’t seem to find enough hours in the day to drink as much tea as you wish you could…  I mean, maybe it’s only me? Please reassure me that it isn’t and that my obsession with tea is totally normal and justifiable.

But seriously. There are a ton of reasons as to why I love tea.

I mean 1) it can be used as a great way to catch up with a long-lost friend or as a way to spend time with a see-all-the-time kind of bestie ( who doesn’t love a tea date!? ), 2) it can soothe your belly, help your anxiety, fill you up, or help you de-bloat, and 3) it can warm you up on a chilly day or cool you off on a hot day if you opt for the iced version of this do-all, magical beverage.

Some of my favourite teas include plain old green tea, peppermint tea, dandelion root tea ( YES, it really is good, I promise! ), herbal raspberry hibiscus tea and Mango Black Tea Lemonade from Starbucks if I’m feeling like splurging on a treat! I love all of these teas equally & there are a ton of others I like too – I’m a bit of a tea fanatic – but there are definitely certain occasions or times in which I tend to lean towards a specific tea.

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>> Settles the tummy.
You know those days where being a girl totally sucks? Yo, cramps I’m talking to you. You’re not wanted here. #getout. Or the days where you’ve eaten too much Chinese food for dinner and your stomach just feels OFF. Peppermint tea is your go-to. Peppermint has so many benefits, but one of the mega, most popular things that peppermint is used for is helping to settle upset stomachs. There’s nothing like cuddling up, with a nice hot mug of peppermint tea and watching your favourite chick flick to help soothe an unwanted stomachache.

>> Wakes you up.
Okay, so there’s a particular time of day that you become just like a sloth, you know totally slow moving, laidback and carefree ( but in a bad way, because you’re still technically supposed to be doing work ), and incredibly sleepy. This is when I’d turn to black tea. If you aren’t a fan of black tea, either by itself or with milk / sugar / cream / whatever – then same girl, I feel you. I have found your solution. Flavoured black teas. You still get the benefit of lots of caffeine BUT it doesn’t taste like complete grossness. I mean sure maybe there’s a little more sugar in it than if you were drinking plain black tea, but you gotta do what you gotta do.


>> Can aid in weight loss.
Who doesn’t love shedding a few pounds esppppp when summer is like right around the corner?! Hello July, I see you. You’re not THAT far away anymore & I’m excited yet so so SOO not prepared. I’m not going to lie – I’ve been guzzling dandelion root tea by the gallon lately ( this might be a slight exaggeration but seriously, I’ve been drinking a lot ) and I definitely feel as though I’ve lost some water weight. Now we all know that water weight is the easiest weight to put back on, but who doesn’t love feeling a little less bloated and a lot more slim? My favourite way to drink dandelion root tea is to let it cool / ADD A TON OF ICE CUBES and drink it chilled. So yummy.

>> Encourages sleep.
My favourite way to wind down after a long day is by browsing Pinterest, laying in a nice fuzzy robe, wearing a green face mask and drinking a cup of tea. It can’t just be any tea though – it has to be nice, hot chamomile tea. Chamomile tea is not caffeinated and it has something in it that just relaxes you / puts you to sleep. I love the taste of chamomile tea now, though it did take some getting used to – I thought it was really weird. It soothes your nervous system and promotes sleep so I couldn’t pass it up even if it did taste a little diff at first.

>> Aids in brain function.
Maybe, just maybe my absolute favourite tea… green tea / matcha. I’ve lumped these two together because they basically do the same thing for you, just matcha is a more intense version of green tea ( as stated here ). Brain function is just so important, CLEARLY, and what better way to aid your brain than to drink a nice cup of tea. It gives you more energy ( thx to the caffeine ) and can take you out of a “fog” if you’re feeling a little off.


>> Feeling under the weather.
Ok, I take it back that green tea / matcha is my fav tea. Pu’erh tea definitely takes this title. When I ordered it at a local tea shoppe, the girl noted that it can have a weird taste and take some getting used to, but I ordered it anyway and I am some glad I did. I’ve fallen in love with pu’erh tea and I don’t care who knows. I don’t know about you but I am constantly suffering from an upset stomach or just overall yucky feeling and as you know, I turn to tea. Pu’erh tea has so many awesome benefits like antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, helps aid in bowel regularity, and aids in proper digestion. YES. I’m all for this. Pu’erh tea helps aid the digestive system in being able to do what it’s supposed to do & will help flush the body of built up sugary foods, processed foods and dairy that can make you feel off ( < source ).

Have I convinced you to love tea yet? It’s just SO great. Some other favourites are: lemon and honey, lemon ginger, wheatgrass and white teas ( OMG yum ). What are some of your favourites? 


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