what’s up wednesday | august 2016

Hi hi what’s up!

Today is the last Wednesday of the month sooo you know what that means – What’s Up Wednesday!

OK, wait hold up… the LAST Wednesday of the month!? Where the F has summer gone? Just me or has it been the quickest summer e v e r…

01 | What I’m eating this week:
GF wraps, GF pizzas ( omg margherita pizza is my newest obsession – gimme all of the tomatoes ) & PEACHES.

02 | What I’m reminiscing about:
Beach house trip summer 2016… it was such a good one! Good thing we are going back for Thanksgiving weekend – I can’t wait!

03 | What I’m loving:
Tons of random things – fall fashion, Halsey, this DRAKE & RIHANNA l o v e, my white Converse, photography, margherita pizza like I said above… see, very random.

04 | What I’ve been up to:
Absolutely NOTHING. OK, that’s a lie – I’ve been blogging, taking photos, editing a ton, hanging out with friends, shopping, getting ready for school, you know… typical end of summer things.

05 | What I’m dreading:
School, but not at the same time. Dreading the actual doing homework & projects part, but totally looking forward to getting back on a schedule and getting used to a new routine.

06 | What I’m working on:
Blog stuff. TONS of it.

07 | What I’m excited about:
FALL & valley days. How many times am I going to say I’m looking forward to fall in the next three weeks? The limit does not exist. #sorrynotsorry OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA08 | What I’m watching / reading:
Watching: 19-2 and Pretty Little Liars. OH & Bachelor In Paradise. Reading: Firefly Lane ( slowly but surely – sorry Alexah! I stole this book for quite some time ).

09 | What I’m listening to:
I made this playlist on Spotify that includes all of the songs I’ve been l o v i n g in August. But my #1 played song lately is Closer by The Chainsmokers and Halsey. I LOVE it. It’s on repeat.

10 | What I’m wearing:
Lots of dresses and skirts, transitional summer into fall pieces… see below!

11 | What I’m doing this weekend:
I’m not too sure yet but it’s the last weekend of summer, so I’m going to hope I find something fun to do! I was supposed to be at the Selena Gomez concert but I recently sold my tickets ( because Nicole’s unable to come with! boo! ) so I haven’t made any other plans yet. <<< GOOD thing I hadn’t been super looking forward to this – she’s canceled the rest of her tour!

12 | What I’m looking forward to next month:
Routine. & fall, but you all knew that.

13 | What else is new:
Honestly, not too much!

14 | What is your favourite summer to fall transitional piece in your closet:
Dresses and skirts. They’re still airy enough that you don’t sweat to death in the summer heat but they look like fall and get me so excited. Plus lightweight scarves are cute & denim jackets. Hands down – denim jackets. Fav piece in my closet ( I may or may not own 4 of them – they’re all different… I swear… ).august27 56 august27 42 august27 70


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