what’s up wednesday | july 2016

Hi hi! Happy Hump-day!

I spent the day on a deserted island with 10 youth in 30+ degree weather so I am completely 100% exhausted!

Today’s post is a quick little update one to basically sum up the month of July, since it’s almost over ( how the heck!???? ).

> What I’m eating this week:
Lots of ‘Olive Garden’ salads – iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, hot yellow peppers, GF croutons and Olive Garden brand dressing courtesy of Costco. YUM. Also smoothies, cheese strings ( I know, I know… ) & strawberries. Nothing interesting, but super simple stuff.

> What I’m reminiscing about:
Beach house trips from summers past because it’s almost that time of the year again! My mom and aunt keep posting ‘memories’ on Facebook of our past trips & I’m getting so excited.

> What I’ve been loving:
Fashion blog posts. Fashion in general. Summer. Pokemon Go… you know.

july1 40++ one of my favourite outfits from this summer! These other leaf ( ? ) / flower shorts are MY FAV & I must hunt them down – they’re on sale, too.

> What I’ve been up to:
Working at camp, exploring, catching all of the Pokemon ( & making Daniel jealous with my beginner luck ), blogging, walking A LOT.

> What I’m dreading:
Summer ending / school starting. Practicum. OH & our all-nighter at work in a couple weeks. That’s gonna be a rough 24 hours.

> What I’m working on:
My health & mainly figuring out what is UP with my stomach.

> What I’m excited about:
Getting my NEW BED. Finally. >> please note that it is July 27 and we still have no exact delivery date yet, and this bed was ordered WEEKS before Christmas. I now have a full bedroom set coming for the price of the original bed that I had wanted because they no longer carry the bed I wanted – because of me haha.

> What I’m watching / reading:
Pretty Little Liars – it’s SO freakin’ good this season. LIKE SO good. And I’m reading a ton of stuff, mainly health & wellness books and a new book by a Canadian author. #superimpressed

> What I’m listening to:
There’s just something about listening to Drake in the summertime that I can’t pass up.

> What I’m wearing:
T-shirt dresses, bardot tops, cut-off denim and day camp clothes ( the ugliest of ugly lime green shirt and athletic shorts #hot ).

july3 38 july3 28 july1 67 july1 50 july1 18 july3 3july1 6++ all of these outfits are up on my blog right now!! 

> What I’m doing this weekend:
Hanging out with my aunt who arrives tomorrow from Ontario! Hopefully soaking up some nice summer weather, maybe some blog work and enjoying the long weekend.

> What I’m looking forward to next month:
Beach house trip! & hopefully a road trip, too.

> What else is new:
Honestly, nothing really.

> What’s your favourite part about summer:
Warm nights on the beach.

Anyway, I hope you all are having a great week & I’ll be back tomorrow with another post!

Goodnight guys,

julieann x

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