what’s up wednesday | september 2016

01 | What I’m eating this week:
This week has been a lot of salads, apples, chicken and smoothies. Last week I did the Wheat Belly 10-Day Grain Detox. It was full of super delicious foods & I may or may not still be eating a ton of the recipes this week just for fun.


02 | What I’m reminiscing about:
Last fall. I really was in my damn element last fall! I was only in two classes and I wasn’t working a ton, so I had time to do all kinds of fun fall baking, cooking and activities & I loved it! This fall is a little more jam-packed with school and work, but I’m trying to fit in time to do all of the fun things I want to do. Also for some reason, I’ve really been thinking about Cuba a LOT lately. Maybe I’m in desperate need of another down south vacay… #wishfulthinking


03 | What I’m loving:
Lately? Instagram. Seriously digging it. I find that I go through phases, but right now I’m in a phase that’s all heart eyes and happiness… & pumpkin spice lattes. Always love a good PSL in the fall.


04 | What I’ve been up to:
School, work, sleep & repeat!

05 | What I’m dreading:
My 40-page assignments! Stressing me out SO bad. I’m sure they won’t be bad once I get started, but the thought of doing them is reallyyyyyy freaking me out.

06 | What I’m working on:
^^ assignments – they’re never ending. Plus some fun blog posts, and planning for work for the upcoming sessions.

07 | What I’m excited about:
Thanksgiving weekend with the family!

08 | What I’m watching / reading:
Watching: Chicago Med & Chicago PD ( & I cannot wait for Chicago Fire! ). I’m currently reading a million articles for school, two novels, a textbook on the psychology of youth #yawn and a light read – Since You’ve Been Gone. It’s so cute so far!

09 | What I’m listening to:
Check out my monthly playlist here, plus I’ve been listening to this playlist a ton too.

10 | What I’m wearing:
Lots of booties, skirts, dresses and leather. Plus if I’m being real – leggings, hoodies and t-shirts for work ( & sometimes school! ), and chunky knits and distressed denim.

september26-34 september26-65 september26-94 september26-51 september26-121

11 | What I’m doing this weekend:
Mental health first aid training….. 13 hours!

12 | What I’m looking forward to next month:
Thanksgiving, Halloween, more fall adventures.

september26-2 september26-3

13 | What else is new:
Not too much – just trying to find some time to do some fall baking…

14 | What is your favourite fall recipe:
Speaking of fall baking… I made these pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting last year and they are to DIE for. I’ll have them up on the blog soon ( with some GF substitutions ), but in the meantime… here’s the actual, non-substituted recipe! Give them a try FOR SURE.

What’s been up with you guys? Are you all in shock that September is almost over?

I’m off to relax, have a little meeting with Daniel re: the blog & drink some tea! Chilled night FOR SURE. Much needed.

x JE


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