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Today I’m linking up for What’s Up Wednesday to share what’s been going on lately. The last Wednesday of every month this link up happens, so you should join in next month!

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These are the questions…

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& there’s always a bonus question! This month’s bonus question is “what’s my best spring cleaning tip?”

So let’s get to it with: What’s Up Wednesday:

What we’re eating this week:

I’ve been following the Ideal Protein Protocol… you can read more on that here & here. So lately I’ve been eating lots of chocolate and vanilla shakes, salt & vinegar and BBQ chips, Rice Krispie-esque treats, southwest cheese protein curls, TONS of chicken and eggs, and even more veggies!

What I’m reminiscing about:

Cuba! I haven’t been in a while and I am SO looking forward for my trip this year. April 27 cannot come fast enough!


What I’m loving:

All NARS makeup. Like seriously, I CANNOT get enough. It is fantastic and covers beautifully, the lipsticks colours are gorgeous and Laguna bronzer has seriously been my saviour this winter. #justsayin’


What we’ve been up to:

I’ve been doing a ton of blog work, finishing up this semester at school and working my little butt off. It’s been boring and fairly repetitive but I have generally no complaints! I’ve also been playing a ton of board games and spending time with family. It’s been good, chilled but good.


Also on Easter, we wore matching pants… so that’s CUTE.

What I’m dreading:

The application process for the place I work in the summer! It’s so tedious and pretty much puts me to sleep. I’m also dreading the amount of rain we’re supposed to get this weekend. #ugh

What I’m working on:

Bloggin’ and working on being healthy again.

What I’m excited about:

CUBA. But you already knew this right? I’m also excited for a ton of upcoming fashion blog posts plus health & wellness posts YAY.

march30 25

What I’m watching/reading:


CRIMINAL MINDS – OH MY LANTAA. Can we talk about this for a second? I’ve finally got caught up to the latest episodes and OMG I’m still not over it. Completely crushed, heartbroken and totally pissed. Whhyyyy Derek Morgan whyyyyy!? Chicago Med, Chicago PD and Chicago Fire have all been on a hiatus for a few weeks but they’re back now! AND of COURSE, I watched Fuller House. All 13 episodes in like 2 days… apologies to Daniel for making you suffer through that.

What I’m listening to:

Shania Twain on repeat lately! Something about warmer weather that makes me wanna blast Shania and drive around ALL day every day.

What I’m wearing:

Check out the bottom of this post!

What I’m doing this weekend:

Oh, who really knows! It all depends on if we get the expected rainstorm or not! Maybe I’ll go shoe shopping for Cuba, watch some movies, and relax. It’s my last weekend before early morning ballet starts on Sundays.

What I’m looking forward to next month:

I hate to sound like a broken record……. but Cuba! Also warmer weather, the end of school, beach days, road trips… all of the good spring / summer things! Finishing IPP FOR SURE. Show me da GF pizzaaaa.

What else is new:

Nothing really!

What’s my best spring cleaning tip?

Don’t force yourself to spend your nice, warm spring days inside cleaning. Go out and enjoy the sunshine & work to clean a little bit, every so often!

& a little bonus for today: What I Wore Wednesday…

march30 1 march30 2

Today was a busy day. It started off with waking up FAR too early for my liking to hit up Starbucks before a meeting that I knew would drag on. I thought the meeting was at 9 am, and at a community centre like 20 minutes away from my house, so I left for Starbucks to get my iced coffee early, which turned in to tea because they got my order wrong… So I went back and switched it. Then I drove out to the community centre & asked which room the meeting was in. She said “sorry honey, the meeting is at another community centre and at 9:30 so you’re a little early and in the wrong place”. In my head I’m thinking ‘IS IT MONDAY???? I feel like I have a bad case of the Mondays’.

Then I finally got to the meeting ( STILL early… annoying. I despise being early & I am never early ) & then in the first few minutes of the meeting, 3 people got into an argument and it was super awkward, I started laughing, choked on my coffee & again thought ‘what the heck is going on today? Weirdest morning ever’.

Daniel and I then went and took a bunch of new pictures for the bloggy so that made me happy. Definitely didn’t feel like it was a weird day until, get this, I went to Starbucks to go to the bathroom & get a green tea #obsessed & the girl at Starbucks GOT MY ORDER WRONG AGAIN. Different employee, different location… 2 wrong orders in the same day! WEIRD, right?! We then took more pictures and I went to the little shop where I buy my IPP packaged meals and used the T-Zone Vibration machines ( talk about a weird sensation! ) and then booked an eyebrow appointment. #finally

Then we had a work meeting tonight, and I can’t even get into that or I’ll end up going off on a tangent, taking 18 tequila shots and going crazy.

So all in all, weird day. BUT I loved my outfit so I had to share! This is the good part. No weirdness here – at least I don’t think so.

I love my ripped jeans. I wear them alllll the freakin’ time. Like seriously guys, I’m obsessed. I think ripped jeans are super cute and definitely a spring / summer staple. Then I have on this cute new shirt I bought. I love pairing dressier pieces with casual pieces AKA ripped jeans and this blouse. Finally my purse is definitely one of my most favourite recent purchases. LOVE how it incorporates light brown, dark brown, gold, silver and white. I mean it’s freakin’ perfect for spring! My sunglasses are older but definitely a staple – I love the bigger, round frames mixed with the cat-eye vibe. Flats are by Sam Edelman and were SUCH a steal a few years ago. I think they’re regularly $150 ish Canadian, but I got them & another pair for $13 EACH. YES $13 FOR A PAIR OF DESIGNER FLATS. Can’t get much better. They’re super comfy and so cute.

So that’s it for me. A whole lotta TV-watching, IPP-eating, casual-mixed-with-dressy-wearing, working a lotand chillin’ with family even more. What’s up with you guys lately? What have y’all been wearing lately? Share! See you all tomorrow ( or Friday, let’s be real… Thursdays are a write-off around here! ).

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