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It is so cold today that before I left my house this morning, I had to change my outfit. I don’t know when the weather decided to go from fall temps to practically winter ones, but I kinda hate it. It’s ruining my motivation to wear cute outfits because I would so much rather be warm and cozy. I’m working to find my happy medium but I’m struggling slightly because if I’m being honest, I’d much rather wear sweats and a hoodie every single day, from now until it’s warm again.

I had on jeans and a t shirt ( similar to this look, but light wash jeans and a dark top ) but I was frozen so I swapped that for a hoodie and leggings. I am so cozy right now – listening to Christmas music on repeat, sitting in Starbucks. I am also debating whether or not I should get a pumpkin scone ( <<< so good and I’m sure they won’t be available much longer ) and procrastinating writing an essay, as usual.

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I am so obsessed with this t shirt. I bought it from American Eagle like 3 weeks ago. I have been eyeing it since the summer but I know that AE clothes go on sale, for seriously discounted price, so I like to wait it out and if they have the shirt or whatever that I want, when it’s mega discounted, I’ll buy it. I hate spending full price at this store because like a week later I instantly regret it because the item I bought is now like 40% off and that’s so annoying. So anyway, this t shirt was taking forever to go on sale. It’s one of their soft and sexy t’s so I knew it was comfy as these are basically my fav shirts to wear, ever. I wanted it so badly but refused to pay full price. They had SO many left, but it wouldn’t go on sale! Not even a few dollars off. I was so confused.

I went in one Thursday and saw that they had a tonnnn of shirts left and it was on sale so I picked it up to buy it, but I realized I didnt have my wallet #megafail. Insert me being super pouty here. I wanted this shirt SO bad and it was finally on sale and I was wallet-less. So I dragged my bf back Saturday and it just so hapepned to be tax free day at the mall. It was hella busy, we were hella tired and hella cranky ( because people are WAYYY bitchier this time of year at the mall!!!? ) but I wanted this t shirt. AE was a zoo, literally a zoo. There were so many shoppers, grabbing way too many flannels and BOGO jeans. I didn’t even care about the crazy sales. I had my heart set on this t shirt. This t shirt only.


Literally gone. There had been at least 15 on the rack 2 days earlier and now there was none. I searched the whole back clearance section for it and I couldn’t find it. Then I just so happened to look on the men’s clearance rack ( for some unknown reason!!?? ) and there was this shirt. Just one. Hung the wrong way, obviously someone didn’t want it and just threw it on any rack. It was in my size. It was fate.

I bought it and we left the mall because we were in no mood to deal with the crazies.

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This white t is sooo soft and comfy. I like versatile pieces like this that can be paired with multiple different pieces and worn different ways. One day I wore it baggy and loose, not tucked in, paired with black leggings, gray Converse and my hair in a messy bun. This particular outfit was really dressed down, casual and sporty feeling.

Then a different day I was feeling like I wanted to look more put together so I paired it with my black jeggings and tucked it in at the front. I wore my ( mom’s ) black ankle boots #classic and threw this red leather jacket over top, finishing off the outfit with my circle sunnies. The outfit still feels sporty and casual but the jacket adds a dressy, put together feel and I love it.

I’m all for being comfy and cute, dressy enough yet still casual. <<<< working on finding my happy medium on dressing for late fall / early winter ATM as I noted before… Any suggestions? Let me know, please! I’m trying not to fall back in to my hoodie and sweats trap.

I’m off to work a little bit more on these final papers, help my bf, stuff my face and teach dance!

xx julieann

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