why i’ve chosen to follow the ideal protein protocol

Hi, hello, good morning, good afternoon, good evening.

Today I want to share something new that I am embarking on. I’ve never been one to follow fad diets, change my lifestyle intensely ( except when I found out I was gluten sensitive ) or even one to really CARE about what I was putting in my body. I’ve always been slender for my height ( I’m 5’7″ – 8″ depends on the day haha ) and I’ve always been active, through dance, soccer, running, yoga and at-home workouts. My mom always compliments me on what / how I eat. She often says things like “I’m SO proud of how you fuel your body” or “I’m so impressed that you incorporate fruits and veggies into your meals”. My family ( especially the women in the fam ) have a hard time keeping weight off and I’ve always prided myself on staying healthy and happy without restrictions.

Somewhere along the way though, I’ve ended up gaining unwanted weight and cannot seem to shake it.

No matter what I’ve done, nothing it really working lately and to be honest, I’ve never been more unhappy. I’ve had to buy new jeans because my old ones ( ones that I’ve worn for the last 5+ years no longer fit ), coats don’t do up like they used to, my face is more round than ever and my dimples are disappearing.

My jeans that I bought are 2 sizes bigger than any pair of pants I’ve ever worn. My leggings are a size up. I’ve gone up 2 sizes in Lululemon coats and sweaters. The number on the scale has gone up by 20+.

I am not defined by numbers.

But they are a good wake-up call.

I have to have a base to go by. I’m discouraged by the numbers, but I’m not defined by them. I’m used to my weight fluctuating between 5-10 pounds but it has never gone up this high and stayed there. Nothing that I’ve done lately is helping, in fact, it’s making it worse.

I’ve been eating SO healthy. Working out. Sleeping regularly. Taking vitamins. Drinking my water. Staying active. Getting 10K steps a day.

Recently I’ve gotten super panicked about my weight and I’ve been SUPER unhappy. I’ve actually felt super discouraged to the point where working out isn’t even something I want to do because I feel as though it’s not helping. Eating healthy isn’t what I care about because I’m staying the same / gaining weight if I eat healthy food or if I splurge and eat Chinese food or chips. I feel lathargic, weak and let down.

Through talking with others and especially my mom, the thing that makes the most sense for me to do is change my lifestyle momentarily and get some results.

By seeing results and re-setting my body, I feel as though, personally, this is what will work for me.

I’m a person who likes to see results or I get extremely unhappy. This can be in relation to body issues or even something as silly as hair growth, nail strength and other various things. I give up very easily and I know that this is an ‘imperfection’ but it’s part of my personality. I’m also skeptical, nervous, anxious and have a hard time convincing myself to try new things.

I knew I needed to do something about my current state so I made a choice to make a change.

Insert the Ideal Protein Protocol here.

My mom has actually been involved in the protocol on & off for a few years now. When she first started it, she was overweight, at her highest weight ever. She lost over 80 pounds and had never been happier. She thought that she had hit her goal weight, but as time went on, she’s fluctuated up and down ( as we all do ) and she’s also realized that now she can push herself further. She’s lost another 20-30 pounds through the Ideal Protein Protocol and she’s currently working on losing her last 15. I couldn’t be more proud of her.

At first I thought what she was doing was ridiculous and I was very skeptical. But as I saw it work and saw how much her mood improved and her overall outlook on life improved too, I became a believer. Not only was she losing weight, she was eating food, not skipping meal times and was becoming happier.

Why I chose the Ideal Protein Protocol:

Basically, I chose it because not only did my mom do it and see results / feel better, my aunt did it and looks / feels amazing, my best friend works at the store that provides food / coaching / workouts and it’s something that I KNOW. I get really nervous trying things, especially health & wellness related things. I’m skeptical like I said, plus I have a sensitive stomach and dislike the unknown.

My mom is able to coach me through it. I know from viewing her experiences firsthand what some side effects include, how bodies can react and what to do to stay motivated. << my mom and I both have pretty sensitive stomachs / weird bodies, so everything she experienced, I was ready to experience too ( and I am, it’s so weird how similar we are ).

My best friend is able to coach me through it. She works there. She’s seen / heard it all. She knows what foods are good and what ones to avoid. She is able to understand what I’m doing and how it works, and not be skeptical / doubtful and basically unsupportive.

My boyfriend decided to do this with me. Not only do I get to do this journey with my mom, I also get to do it with my boyfriend, which makes it a hell of a lot easier. He understands that we can no longer go on date nights to restaurants, or buy bags of candy & chips for a night-in, watching movies.

Some other positives that pushed me towards the IPP choice include:

▸ I’ve tried a lot of the foods before so I know that I’ll be able to find things to eat.

▸ You get to eat real food. Lots of meat and fresh veggies.

▸ There are a lot of gluten free options ( not that I chose them all… I mean HOW TEMPTING is a brownie when you’re on a ‘diet’? I couldn’t resist ).

▸ You can eat hot sauce with every meal. As much of it as you want. No questions asked. I need to invest in a stake in Frank’s Hot Sauce. Seriously OBSESSED. #iputthatshitoneverything

▸ 2 ( 3??? ) words: BigMac Salads.

So, I know now you want to know alllllll about the IPP but I’m currently exhausted.

Detoxing is hard work.

I’m seriously ready for bed. I feel like I’ve run a marathon. My body is like jelly. My head aches and I feel nauseous.

I will be back to talke all about what it is and more tomorrow, but for now, I’m heading to bed… to dream about my Rice Krispy-esque treat that I get to eat for breakfast tomorrow.


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