winter travel wish list | blogmas day 14

dec13 10

I have always wanted to travel and ski and experience things in the winter. So often I only travel in the summer, or I travel somewhere in the colder months but it’s to somewhere warm like Cuba or Florida.

Of course it’s fun to go down south, soak up the sun and come back in the middle of winter with a sick tan and be able to tease friends about how much fun you had.

But I’ve always wanted to go away to go skiing or snowboarding, ice skating and visit a winter wonderland.

dec13 1

1. Tignes, France.

dec13 2

2. Quebec, Canada.

dec13 3

3. Aspen, Colorado.

dec13 4

4. DisneyWorld, Orlando, Florida.

dec13 5

5. New York City, New York.

dec13 6

6. Lake Louise, Banff, Alberta.

dec13 7

7. Berlin, Germany.

dec13 8

7. Mammoth Lakes, California.

dec13 9

9. Lake Tahoe, Nevada.

Have I missed anywhere? Where’s your dream winter vacation? Do you prefer escaping the cold winter weather and going somewhere warm or do you dream of a winter wonderland vacation like I do?

xx jc

+++ I obviously didn’t take these pictures. Full credit to the photographers. All images found on Google Images search.


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