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Hi hi my loves. How’s it going?

OK, so today we’re going to talk fitness & fit lifestyles, health, wellness and all that other jazz because lately it’s been weighing on my mind that I really need to get my ass in gear ( literally ).

I go through phases in my life where I’m all ‘fitness, health, workout, run a million miles a day’ and then I’m all ‘binge-watch as many shows as I can, sleep in, laze around, avoid the stairs’. Lately it’s been the second one… and it’s really bringing me down in a ton of ways.

+ My sleeping schedule has been shit. I go to bed at a decent time each night and I should be able to wake up between 6am – 7am easily, and yet I struggle to get up even twenty minutes before I need to leave for class. And let’s not even talk about the days last semester that I only had afternoon classes…

+ My clothes don’t fit like they used to. Seriously. Ugh, this is the worst feeling. Clothes that I lived in last fall don’t feel right / look right and it’s an annoying feeling.

+ I don’t have any TV shows to watch when I’m really bored. I’m all caught up on the newest shows in all of my fav series and I’m struggling to find shows to watch to pass the time.

+ My eating has been all out of whack. I’m never really hungry, until I’m STARVING and then I want to eat everything in sight.

+ My anxiety is seriously up there and it’s driving me crazy. I constantly feel panicked, achy and overwhelmed about life. I’m constantly calling someone worked up about something or another and it’s starting to get SUPER exhausting / annoying.

+ I can’t seem to get out of my own way. I guess this is basically a sum up of all of my feelings lately. I feel like I’m constantly underestimating, underachieving and just being hard on myself 24/7 because of my constant discomfort.

I know that the school that I attend really brings my mood down and it makes me feel trapped and uncomfortable, but that’s no excuse to give up on a fitness lifestyle.

I’ve said it before – I’ll never be the girl who’s in the gym for hours each day, but I would like to be the girl that dedicates an hour or two for herself each day, to be active, engage in fitness activities and live a healthy life.

Fitness in my mind is kinda sorta ( basically ) a chore. I know it shouldn’t be looked at or thought of like this, but it’s just how I look at it. Reading magazines, reading other people’s blogs, following health & fitness people on social media ( Instagram, I’m looking at you! ) has got it in my mind that it has to be a structured, timely, dedicated time each and every day. And right now, in my life, I honestly don’t know where I’d fit it in.

I mean OBV I could find time… I could wake up an hour earlier each day or eat dinner an hour later each day and fit in a structured fitness routine then, but to be honest – I need my sleep & I like eating dinner with my family ( most times! ).

But right now, a structured fitness routine isn’t what I need in my life… I just need to live a more active lifestyle overall.

Then we’ll work out the whole fitness routine shit.

these are a few things that I am working on incorporating into my lifestyle and they are super uncomplicated, basic things that are SO easy to do every single day:

/ get up:

If I know I’m having a lazy day at home, I will plan out a few times that I will force myself to get up and do something. Sometimes this is stretching, a few yoga poses, a couple jumping jacks or just run up and down my stairs a few times. It’s so not good to sit on your ass all day long and just getting up to do something quick and active sporadically is so key.

/ walk:

I try to walk as much as I can. One little thing that I like to do is to pick a parking spot farther away from the door ( as long as it isn’t -20 or pouring rain! ) and get a little extra walking in. I like to get up a few times during class to go for a walk, too. I know it may seem a bit rude to get up and leave but A) I cannot focus for 3 hours straight, B) I drink a lot of water, so bathroom breaks are needed, and C) walking really helps clear the mind and get the blood flowing again after sitting for so long.

/ try it:

There’s not really any workout that I haven’t tried… I mean OK, that’s a lie. I haven’t done any HUGE like crossfit or intense stuff like that ( things that require paying a ton of $$ and going out of my house ) but I’ve tried tons of workouts at home. YouTube is key for trying new workouts. They’re all offered free of charge and give you a chance to try out new things and possibly fall in love with it.

/ stairs:

Taking the stairs instead of an escalator/elevator is such an easy thing to do. Last semester I had two classes a week that were 2 buildings away… which meant taking eight flights of stairs or two elevator rides. I am proud to say that I chose the stairs every single time. I received a few weird looks after huffing it up all of the stairs but I felt proud of myself for picking the stairs every time.

/ dance:

I mean who doesn’t love having a solo dance party? Turning on music while I’m cooking up an omelette or making a smoothie and having an impromptu dance party is one of my favourite things to do. You can even just turn on some music while you’re getting ready in the morning, or just for fun when you have a bit of free time and just dance it out.

++ best songs to dance to currently: RUN UP & BAD AND BOUJEE ( sue me ).

/ treat:

If you need to take a day to chill, or to have a little treat – DO IT & then don’t dwell on it. There is no sense in depriving yourself and forcing yourself to be miserable. If you need to take a day to relax, do it. If you need to eat a piece of chocolate, do it! Don’t beat yourself up over it, either. That’s life and you’ve already come this far.

/ move:

Dance, stretch, walk, run, yoga… OMG just move once a day. It doesn’t matter what we do – as long as we’re moving. As long as you do SOMETHING for 30 minutes a day, you’ve got it made. Just move, move, move! Get up and do something and you’re already one step ahead of where you were yesterday.

a few other things i like to do:

+ Stretch, yoga, meditate, squats, sit-ups, commercial workouts ( !!! so simple ), make a smoothie, drink lots of water…

 So those are some things that I’ve been trying to incorporate into my daily life. It’s only been a few weeks that I’ve been trying to do this, but I am already noticing slight differences. One of the biggest difference is my anxiety levels – they’re DEF gone down and I’ve gotten a hold of it as of lately. Another fairly big difference is my sleeping pattern. I’ve been really working on moving and tiring myself out, then focusing on making my sleep routine as grounded and consistent as possible [ more on this soon! ].

Have I missed anything? What do you guys do to live a more active and healthy lifestyle?

x julieann


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